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I personally think this is an excellent article to inform in particular new authors about danger to lose money and how to identify scam. Quite informative in my opinion.

Jens Thoughts

scam-alert-picI don’t think I’ve ever posted about publishing scams, but we all know they are out there. I’m a subscriber to Indies Unlimited and they reached out asking if I would post this information concerning new scams. Since we are all writers, I thought it would be a good post.

Many Independent Authors Have Escaped from Predatory Publishing

Arlington, VA (April 7) – More than a quarter of independent authors who responded to a recent survey at said they definitely had, or might have, fallen victim to a predatory publisher before turning to self-publishing. The survey results were published on the blog this week.

Indies Unlimited conducted the unscientific survey as part of its #PublishingFoul series, which featured true stories from scammed authors throughout the month of March.

“Although our 115 respondents were self-selected, I think our results are pretty accurate,” said staff writer and former journalist Lynne Cantwell…

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5 thoughts on “Publishing Scam

  1. I personally have been scammed in my writing career, but only once. Once was enough for me. The lost money, anger, fatigue, embarrassment, and so much more, taught me well. I now track my scammer and warn anyone and every site or webpage I find them and him on.
    We must be diligent and help each other in every area of fraud in the writing and editing industry. It truly is out there.
    Thanks for the post, Aurora.

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