Is that a Stegosaurus at The Writer’s Room?

Here we go: This is a friend’s blog. He is such an amazing character. A great man, individual, a wonderful understanding friend, a fantastic writer and an enormously gifted photographer. I’m a little jealous – but I think these pictures just need to be seen! Have fun going through the collection.

Laurie's Photos and Musings

This has to be the best garden ornament I’ve seen in ages. Sorry about the fencing but I wasn’t going to argue with the dog that decided ole Steggy was his best Mate. Still there’s some welding talent at work here.


Another truck show, well I do like things mechanical and heavy. Yes it’s a nice truck but what caught my eye was the little bloke standing next to it. “Dad, Dad, I want this one Dad.”

Truck and boy

I had a pedal car as a little bloke. It turned up at the house one day much to my delight. Sadly I was pedaling around the back yard and my feet became stuck in the pedals and bent backwards. It hurt! The screams were terrible and my Dad raced out, ripped me out of the car and hurled it up the back yard. I never drove it again. So when I see…

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