3 Day Quote Challenge – Day three

It’s time to talk about the power of positive thinking. Do I believe in it? You bet I do! But at this point I do have to admit it took time for me to learn how to focus on positive thinking.

It is too easy to take all the negative thoughts we’re facing in our life and channel them to let them poison our future. I was no exception. Bathing in the negativity and all bad things happening I became negative and didn’t find out of this circle. I woke up, every single day, being in a bad mood… I did not see the surrounding beauty anymore; I did not feel joy and happiness anymore; there was no chance of appreciating even small things in my life.

When being lucky enough to have a little success, I only felt bitterness about the success not being bigger.

I did not like my life, my surroundings, other people, and worst: myself.

One day I was on the phone with a friend who had always been by my side for years. That day, once again, she told me she needed to go. Compared to the hours we had been on the phone for years, I realized she did not really want to talk to me anymore. This time, I asked her why. And she replied: “I can’t take your negativity anymore, girl. You always were so funny, positive and happy… but the past couple years you became a nightmare to be around. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Your negativity is pulling me down and I don’t want that anymore.”

This made me carefully consider what was wrong. I was unhappy, I knew that. And I had to do something about it. I did research and finally found an excellent motivational speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer. Many things he said were just as general as with many other motivational speakers. But one thing touched me. Just one sentence that changed me and my attitude and made me find my way out of the ocean of sadness and negativity I swam in:


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


Of course things didn’t change from one day to the next, it took a while. And it is quite easy to fall back into old frames.

But I found a good path to see things differently and the positive things happening.

After all: even bad experiences might lead to something good; you never know what Karma has prepared for you!

I am a much happier person now. People around me are happier too – and yes, my friend and I are talking and chatting together again, now I lost what had bothered her.

Even though it doesn’t work every time, I still try to find the smallest positive thought in things. Like for example: “Let’s take a moment and be thankful that spiders don’t fly”.

I live, I learn and I’m grateful to be able to do that!

A. J. Alexander 




Picture courtesy of: http://motivation-quoteoftheday.blogspot.ch/2013/12/words-are-under-control-until.html
Picture courtesy of: http://motivation-quoteoftheday.blogspot.ch/2013/12/words-are-under-control-until.html

12 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge – Day three

  1. Good Morning,
    Yes, I needed to read this this morning. I am a person that like to see the glass half full, but sometimes the small unexpected little things in life bother me. Something like that has happened and reading your post this morning help me too centre back on what is really important. So thanks.
    My own experience with positive thinking comes out of the Bible and it is Romans 8:28. All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. This verse has accompanied me throughout the years and has also given me a great handle on the things that happen to me.

    I love this posting. Thanks A.J.


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    1. Dear Patti. You have been an inspiration and support to me so many times, I am honored I could do the same for you at least once.
      I’m happy and thankful to hear this post has helped you in any kind of way and I am grateful for your compliment, your comment and your appreciation.
      Hugs to you.


  2. Love your positive thoughts well done, but the bit about spiders well we have ones that jump here and bite so I always have a flip flop handy just in case…. urgggh the thought makes me shiver…lol

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    1. Thank you for your compliment and of course your comment. Really… did you have to remind me of the jumping and biting spiders? I’ve experienced one of them while being in Florida years ago. Now you made me shiver too! ROFL

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    1. Thank you very much for your compliment on my strength. I knew something was wrong, but it seems it needed a slap across my face (verbally) for me to understand it’s time to really move my butt and get the changes done.
      I am very happy I was as successful as it was possible. I’m glad I can be an inspiration once in a while. Thanks for the comment, August!


  3. Thanks Aurora, this is a great post. It’s true, negativity all the time pulls others down and your friend was courageous to point this out to you. Glad you’re out of the habit and I agree, thank heavens spiders (not all) don’t fly!

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment – and of course for the compliment. I too am happy my friend told me what was wrong at the time (now I’m happy… back then I was hurt). But she was right and she helped me. That was worth so much to me!
      As for the spiders… are you trying to tell me there ARE flying spiders?? *tremble*


    1. Thanks so much for your compliment and for dropping by and leaving this comment. I too am happy to have you in my life, Jacquie.
      It took me some time and a lot of strength to get this far. And still, once in a while it would be easier to roll in and wait for negativity to wash over me again, in particular when bad things happen. But after all I guess I’m doing surprisingly well. It does not constant work though.


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