How to survive your fictional characters all night bickering in six easy ways…

Serins published some excellent advice on The Story Reading Ape’s blog and I love her writing. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading her post as well.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

It is two AM. You are wrestling with one of your fictional characters as to, well it really depends on your fictional character. Mine decided that the furry Ape needed another blog post. Actually, it was one of her decrees. And don’t tell her, I just referred to her as a fictional character! Please!

Frankly, if you start using your fictional character’s name as passwords for your real life social networks and other electronic devices, you are a goner. My friend you may as well kiss your sleep good-bye. If she or he (let me just stick with one pronoun from now on) decides that you will absolutely listen to her at two AM, no earplug ever invented is going to shut her out.

1. Get up and write

First of all, you may as well get up out from that comfy duvet and get to your primary writing device…

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