12 Signs That You’re a Booklover

Thank you for this wonderful post, Natasha. Now there’s not the slightest doubt anymore I’m a book lover. 🙂 This is just a great read! Enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “12 Signs That You’re a Booklover

  1. Many decades ago, in September 1976, I occupied a spot in line to get my copy of the centennial yearbook for Texas A&M University. I was a senior and had spent time in many lines getting football tickets, registering for classes, etc. But when I saw a line outside the coliseum on a Monday with nary a football game to be played at home in a whole month, I was curious. “What is this line” I asked someone. “It’s the line to get the centennial yearbook.” Holy smokes!

    I knew it was the biggest yearbook in the history of college yearbooks and that it had sold more than any other yearbook in the history of college yearbooks, but I was pretty sure that if I didn’t get in line soon, I wouldn’t get my copy.

    I got in line that night after supper. Spent seven days in line. During the second day, though, I swore that the next friend I saw, I was going to pay him a hundred bucks to go to my apartment and retrieve some books for me to read. Fortunately, the next friend I saw was my roommate, so I didn’t need to pay him a hundred bucks, just buy him a six pack of beer.

    Ever since then I am never caught off guard. I have a backpack which always goes with me regardless of where I’m going: restaurant, post office, doctor’s office, grocery store. In it is the book I’m reading, the book I’m going to be reading next, magazines that I’m reading, and my camera. If I have to wait anywhere, I pull out something to read.

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