The Story Reading Ape posted an amazing author’s book today: Loretta Livingstone. I enjoyed the blurb and the books quite some of what I’d like to read. Check it out and enjoy.

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LorettaIt’s a funny old world! I never intended to be an author; it was not my dream. I had been ill for many years, disabled with M.E. And even before that, I was not an ambitious person. I did, however love to write poetry and eventually self-published a few books, largely because if I hadn’t, my poems would have lain around, unread, in a drawer, gathering dust bunnies – I hate waste you see, and it seemed a waste to me to write poems that would never be read. But that was it. I categorically was NOT going to write stories. I couldn’t anyway, or so I thought. 

Quite by accident, I discovered I actually could write readable short stories, so – only to save wasting them, you understand – I published those. And people liked them. Ah well, maybe I could write after all – just short stories, though…

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