Hello from the Writer’s Room, are you still there?

Laurie Smith, a friend of mine who is not only an extraordinary author (Writer of the “Death Series”, Mountain of Death, Valley of Death, River of Death) – but he as well is an amazing photographer and shares his pictures on his blog. This is another series of pictures I admire. Have a peek.

Laurie's Photos and Musings

Hello everybody, I’ve resurfaced. I won’t go into detail about my abscence other than to say life has been somewhat disruptive over the past two months. Once again I’ve become ill after going away. Lorelle had a medical scare and now has an ‘all clear.’ It’s not hard to fall into the pit when things get tough and of course a lot of things go by the way, needless to say I’ve neglected you for long enough. So to get started we’ll have a Roo pic, surprise surprise. It’s why I take my camera everywhere, he was the last of a small mob drinking from the bottom dam.Kangaroo drinking.

A Crucifix Orchid growing in our new garden.Crucifix Orchid

Angelic beings pop up everywhere. Taken in Toowoomba where street art is flourishing.Angle street art

A White’s Tree Frog, he came out when I was watering the other day. It’s still a little cool for them…

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