Tolkien’s 10 Tips for Writers Infographic

I thought this was quite interesting to read. I’m sure this is not only my opinion. Thank you, Story Reading Ape for sharing this!

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4 thoughts on “Tolkien’s 10 Tips for Writers Infographic

  1. I recently read the Hobbit for the first time and the thing I noticed (and have been meaning to post about) is that it’s a great book, but Tolkien breaks a lot of rules that writers today would be aghast at.

    Most of the novel he tells it in his own voice, as if he’s Uncle JRR, telling you a bedtime story and it’s full of “Did I mention” and “I should remind you that” and just all kinds of phrases that suggest JRR is basically sitting next to you telling you what happened.

    The critics would probably be all over him today and he’d have to self publish. 🙂


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