Getting Started with LinkedIn – for Writers

Thank you very much Lisa J. Jackson for this interesting and educating blog post about LinkedIn for writers.

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LinkedIn_logoLinkedIn is a powerful marketing and networking tool that offers a lot of opportunities for writers.

Whether you’re just starting your own business, or you’re a multi-published author; whether you write fiction or non-fiction; whether you write long or short, LinkedIn can help you find jobs, connections, and resources to improve your craft in your chosen specialty.

This post is a quick snapshot on getting started with LinkedIn if you are a writer. The tool is user friendly and quite a great resource for finding companies you want to work with or for.

Getting started:

Create an account. You can use LinkedIn a lot for free (it’s the version I have), so don’t feel like you need to invest money. You can, of course, but it’s not required to start out.

Create a profile. LinkedIn walks you through the profile creation process step by step. Help is available all along the…

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2 thoughts on “Getting Started with LinkedIn – for Writers

  1. Hi,
    LinkedIn is a powerful tool, but there are so many powerful Social Media tools out there. One has to make hard decisions about which ones to use or as a writer you end up spending all your time on Social Media.
    Thanks for posting.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know exactly what you mean, Patti. I too need to carefully consider which tools are helpful to me. I think to keep myself informed about the available tools and try to profit from other authors’ experiences I will finally decide.


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