Thoughts on Fall

A time to start and a time to end

A time to break and a time to mend.

There’s so much that’s old and less is new

there’s still some warmth but cold it’s too.


Fall is time for plans and range

it’s time to prepare and time to change.

Switch the summer for the winter

that’s the season of the ‘tinter’.


Watch how nature does its share

new colors, new smiles and new clothes to wear!

Instead of pink and blue and green

we’ve got yellow, burgundy and ‘coffee-bean’.


Orange, brown and terracotta red,

leaves are falling, trees will shed.

Pumpkin season is ready to come,

We drink eggnog, warm chocolate and tea with rum.


Flames are dancing in the fireplace,

cold wind is leaving red spots in our face.

Fog is covering the brownish ground

Sharp wind around the house is normal sound.


And still it’s a wonderful homey season

in our house for more than one reason.

The world is enchanted by a special glow,

Just before the world will be covered in powdery snow.


There’s so much more to be said to third time of year

There’s so much to look forward to and nothing to fear.

Not even when ghosts, witches and vampires will mime,

Enjoy Halloween before Christmas time.


(Copyright, Aurora Jean Alexander, October 2015)

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25 thoughts on “Thoughts on Fall

      1. You’d think I’d be used to the warmer weather this time of year, since I grew up in Florida, but the opposite seasons still throws me off. I mean… we celebrate Christmas is summer here. How nuts is that? Makes for some interesting Australian Christmas songs though. LOL

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      1. We had some rain and thunder in the distance (and it can stay in the distance as long as we get the rain). It definitely cooled things down though, so I won’t complain. 😀

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      2. Nothing like a little thunder and lightning to wake you up to natures wonders Renee. 🙂 We’re on tank water and have a couple of dams to fill so a couple more good storms may do the trick.


  1. Hi,
    I must say that I really enjoyed reading this. You did a wonderful job with the rhyming, and your imagery builds a beautiful picture of fall.
    Great job, A.J.


  2. Now that I live in North Carolina after 60 years in Miami I am experiencing my first real fall. But will it be delightful as this poem presents? So far(it’s barely started) it looks like the whole territory will be covered in 17 feet of leaves.

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