1st Halloween-Poem Contest

Picture courtesy of: http://preventioncdnndg.org/eco-quartier/eco-tips-for-halloween/
Picture courtesy of: http://preventioncdnndg.org/eco-quartier/eco-tips-for-halloween/

It is a great pleasure for me to announce the

1st Halloween-Poem Contest

on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’.

Every author and poet are invited to participate and deliver a “Halloween-Poem” to my email address: aurorajean.alexander@aol.com, together with their picture.

There are a few rules to follow:

  1. Your poem needs a Halloween theme.
  2. Your poem needs a minimum of 99 words.
  3. Your poem has to be delivered to my email address until Halloween, October 31, 2015, 9 pm Eastern Time.
  4. Please avoid violence, bad language, and sexual content within the poems. It would be disqualified.

Every poem that meets the rules and is delivered within the deadline will be published here on “Writer’s Treasure Chest” together with the provided picture.

I am honored to announce that the following authors have agreed to participate as judges in the jury who will decide on the winners of the contest:

  1. Author Jim Spencer
  2. Author Pat Shannon/Yeager
  3. Author Juliette Kings
  4. Author F. E. Feeley Jr.
  5. Author A. J. Alexander

Thank you, authors, for your effort to be part of this contest!

There will be three winners in the 1st Halloween poem contest. Each of them is free to choose from the following prizes:

  1. E-Book of “Morning at the Vineyard” written by Juliette Kings
  2. E-book of  “Confessions of a Corporate Slut” by Jacqueline Gum
  3. 1 signed copy of  “Red White and Black Lies” by Jim P. Spencer
  4. E-book of either “The Hunting of Timber Manor” OR “Objects in the Rearview Mirror” OR “Still Waters” by F. E. Feeley Jr.

I’m very grateful for these excellent authors to offer one of their books as a prize in this contest. Thank you!

The contest starts now!! Please, deliver your poem and your picture to my email address:


We’re looking forward to your poems!

A. J. Alexander

57 thoughts on “1st Halloween-Poem Contest

  1. Reblogged this on Book Reviews by Pat Garcia and commented:
    Hello Everyone,
    There is a Halloween-Poem Contest taking place on Writer’s Treasure Chest for all those poets and would be poets who would like to share their poetic gift. Three winners will be chosen by a panel of judges who are poetry lovers and experts. So think about submitting. Now is the time up until October 31,2015 and good luck.
    All the best.
    Pat Garcia

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    1. It would have been fantastic to get your entry to the contest. But then: I named this the 1st Halloween-poem contest. I figure, if it is a success and people have fun, there might easy be a 2nd one? I hope by then you should be settled in. 😉
      I wish you Good Luck with your cross-country move. Take care.

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    1. Okay… let’s think about this: one haiku = 17 syllables.
      My research showed that the average English word has 2.43 syllables.
      99 demanded words x 2.43 syllables = 240.57 syllables
      240.57 syllables : 17 syllables = 14.15 Haiku to write and deliver – and you’ll be a participant. 😀

      Please, join the fun. I would look so forward to read your poem. 🙂

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      1. Whoops, there goes the ego, straight through the roof. Thanks AJ, I haven’t written a poem in ages, I’m not in the groove. 😦

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  2. Very Awesome 🙂 I will be emailing my entry shortly 🙂 Thanks Ever So for creating a means to spotlight so many talented writers 🙂 Good Luck Everyone! and Enjoy the Chills…..


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