First collection of contest submissions

We proudly present the first collection of contest submissions for the
1st Halloween-poem contest.

Kiss Of The Dark
Late at night each Halloween
I wander the graves, aroused, unseen
Hoping for a skeletal hand
To drag me ‘neath the living land.

Cowering before the court of bones
Hidden under crooked tomb-stones
I sink to my knees to await
My longed-for and desired fate.
A shadow whispers through the dark
My bared neck waits for my lover’s mark.
The warmth of lips against my skin.
The shudder of lust swells deep within.

My addictive Queen is dark and tall.
One look and I could not help but fall
for the vampire’s seductive charms
and the bliss of lying in his arms.

With rising moon our passion grows
The sweet sting as my lifeblood flows
And soft cries of depraved delight
Melt into deep and velvet night.
Abandoned acceptance is ours alone
With each agonized, delicious moan
The vampire growls and slakes his greed
As smoky blood fulfils his need

Submitting to death, for a kiss
I leave the world, knowing this
To roam and wait for Death’s Dark Queen
And his cruel love each Halloween


(by Wenona Napolitano)

Darkness gripped me like a ferocious lion,

ripping and shredding apart helpless prey

Reaching out I begged you to stay

But you left and my soul started crying

My fears slowly started to take over

Nightmares set in, taking over sweet dreams

My heart stops when I wake and drown in screams

Lonely without a comforting lover

Once I drank in the dreams and dreamed the wine

that flowed over satiny cherubs wings

I could hear my guardian angels sing

Sweet voices soared to eternity’s time

Now I can no longer feel my own soul

I just hear the wind blowing in my mind

My sweet seraphim are no longer kind

Angry devils tear at me leaving a hole

With trembling hands I drink the poisoned wine

That will forever stop bad dreams in time


Memory of a Victim

(by Wenona Napolitano)

She was once a doll of sweet porcelain,

A blooming soul to penetrate

A memory that would drive him insane

Now she was nothing more than an evil stain,

on a collar that threatened to suffocate.

She was once a doll of sweet porcelain,

that he had fantasized to obtain.

Her innocence he chose to adulterate,

A memory that would drive him insane

Remembering the vision of a pulsating vein,

a marble white neck so delicate

She was once a doll of sweet porcelain,

but she joined the list of those he had slain

It was a memory that could stimulate,

A memory that would drive him insane

Every last drop of her blood he did drain

Her soul was gone, no longer to illuminate

She was once a doll of sweet porcelain,

A memory that would drive him insane


Trick or Treat Sonnet
The box on the step draws them like flies
Little hands, skeletally white, reaching down.
‘It’s rubbishy chocolate,’ says John with a frown.
‘Never mind,’ says his mum, wiping mist dampened eyes
On her sleeve. ‘Mrs Goldstein will have a real treat.
You see. Either candies or fudge, all neatly wrapped.
Though take care or you’re sure to be trapped
In her sticky old web. She’s best in the street
For her tricks.’ The family holds hands as they hurry
Along, filling their pockets with teeth rotting gifts.
The mood won’t stay happy; there’s always a shift
As the cockroaches cackle and dirty rats scurry.
For what do you expect: this is Halloween.
It starts with a smile, and ends with a scream.

Halloween Night

(by Roxanne Rhoads)

A night when witches ride their brooms

And shadows dance across the moon

The dead will speak and devils scream

Halloween, when the spirits can be seen

‘Tis a time that many fear

It comes but once a year

Enjoy this enchanted night

Just don’t let the vampires bite

Ghosts and ghouls will walk the land

Zombies will reach out their hands

They all want to live once more

So they come knocking on your door

Pumpkins glow with eerie light

Be careful or you’ll get a fright

Avoid the tricks and give a treat

Appease them with something sweet

Don’t let the witches cast a spell

Or the party could become hell

Too much witches brew

Could very well, be the end of you

Black cats howl and owls hoot

Fill your bags with lots of loot

Laugh and dance without a care

Soon you’ll wake from this nightmare


Authors, Poets and Bloggers

Please join in the fun and continue submitting further entries. Have your Halloween poem posted, along with your photo, and if you like, link to your own blog or website.

We will be delighted to receive your submission, just email your entry to me and I’ll post them periodically:

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