Second collection of contest submissions

We proudly present the second collection of contest submissions for the
1st Halloween-poem contest.

End Time Constrictor
Riding her broomstick o’er damned gabled slough
Flash lightning, roar thunder shrieks white-eyed pain
Where bats dwell and crows line bare lime bough
Cawing or cleaning beaks in bloody rain.
She seeks one handy with his scythe to spare
None.  Soul mower, Hell’s harvester of sins,
Sod slicer riffing frantic flight: despair
Red gules lit by jack-o-lantern grins.
She waves her gnarled hand as moonrise mocks
Blind children’s laughter punctuating raves
Birth pangs drawn from death’s cool reckoning knocks.
Between marks lies silence of yawning graves.
With soughing sound and broad blade whistling slow
She smiles grim greeting. He swings.  It’s time to go.

(by “FloridaBorne”)


Deep in the Northern Florida woods

away from prying eyes

The spindly pine and sickly oak

hide from the crying skies.

“C’mon inside,” the ghostly moan

and gnarled finger smile

to anyone who passes by

“Y’all come stay awhile.”

A house of horror waits for those

who dare to trick or treat

A canine howl, a fearsome growl

begets a quick retreat.

You dare not move…you can’t escape…

a roiling approaches.

It cannot be!  Dear God, a herd

of fifty thousand roaches!

The zombie dogs are out the door

they stir up all the sand

and lick to death forevermore

the bravest in the land.


 It was Halloween Eve
(by Melody Fisher)
The moon was a sliver
The sight I beheld
Made my flesh quiver
I’m not easily shaken
But this caught my eye
I recognized that man
I knew he had died
Now standing before me
No worse for wear
In a sparkly white jumpsuit
And shiny black hair
I was stunned by his presence
I whispered “The King?”
He winked as he nodded
Then started to sing!
As he crooned “Love Me Tender”
I started to scream
No sound escaped
Just like in a dream
Then he sauntered close to me
And opened his mouth
“Wheres the costume party?
Is that the right house?”
I sighed in relief
and started to giggle
In time to watch
those famous hips wiggle
Then, without warning
His spirit took flight!
He faded away
Like mist in the night.
I know what I saw.
I have not one doubt.
The ghost of dear Elvis
Was out and about.


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