Third collection of contest submissions

We proudly present the third collection of contest submissions for the
1st Halloween-poem contest.

The Talking Dead

(by Bruce Louis Dodson)


I remember the time I first saw his head
He was six months gone, and three months dead
His hair was parted where the ax hit bone
I still think of it often when I’m home alone
An unforgettable image of fear and dread
His skull held together with a golden thread
He was sitting in a chair beside my bed.

His eyes were as big as an oyster’s shell
And the look that they gave me was straight from hell
He said, “You buried my body by the fall down tree,
but this isn’t the last you’re gonna see of me
I will come to your room when your fast asleep,
and bury your body in a grave that’s deep.”
I said, “You can’t do that, you’re because you’re totally dead.
I hit you with a hatchet on the back of your head.”
He said, “How dead I am, remains to be seen.
I’m coming back to get you on Halloween.



Halloween Poem

(by Jennifer Hinsman)

Cherub cheeks and ghosts abound

A running child makes a shrieking sound.

Ghastly make-up and wigs that glow

Porch lights on with treats to bestow.

Smiles on faces with candy in bags

Kids giggle at each other’s gags.

Pumpkins carved to scare

Freaky, frightening, take a dare.

‘Trick or treat’ is what everyone yells

Witches brew and cast their spells.

Will it be sunny?  Or will it snow?

Eerie sounds spook, it’s just the wind, I know.

Cobwebs and spiders decorate the door

Goblins, vampires, masks and more.

Big, gloomy houses suddenly seem haunted

Sinister souls lurk around, but candy is all I wanted.

Bone chilling?  Hair raising?  Yes, but it’s all for fun

Secretly I know staying calm is easier said, than done.

Don’t worry about all the bumps in the night

Halloween is this crazy holiday of fright.



Night of Fright

(by Lizabeth Scott)

Leaves crunch underfoot

Wind howls frighteningly through the night

Passing eerie gravestones, spidery webs, boiling cauldrons, skeletons rattling

Heart racing, pounding, screaming

Loud pounding fists to wood

Waiting…waiting, anxiety bursting from within


Heart racing, pounding, screaming

Shuffling, dragging, scratching sounds

Coming, coming, steps grow slower, louder, as they near

Heart racing, pounding, hammering


Slowly creaks the massive portal groaning, screeching, grating

Wider, wider, wider

Heart racing, pounding, hammering

Slivers of light shining, blinding

Shadows of darkness silhouette into focus

Heart racing, pounding, hammering



Sweet, sour, thank you, more




Authors, Poets and Bloggers

Please join in the fun and continue submitting further entries. Have your Halloween poem posted, along with your photo, and if you like, link to your own blog or website.

We will be delighted to receive your submission, just email your entry to me and I’ll post them periodically:



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