When the flame of life extinguishes

Lately I have lost one of my friends. I knew her for nearly 15 years and loved her. She was such an amazing, wonderful person with the greatest heart. Last week I was informed that she is no more.

I dedicate this poem to her. Rest in Peace, my friend.


Picture courtesy of: http://sinistereternity.deviantart.com/art/Flame-of-Life-308336816



Growing up, she’s the different child

no matter how calm, no matter how wild

it never fits, it’s never a match…

no friends, no fun, on her soul is a scratch.


Jokes and laughter every day

but she’s not part – she is the prey!

It took a while, but then the shock

to others she is the laughing stock.


The years go by, but not the pain

Everyday life becomes more strain.

Sometimes better, then again for the worse

she knows deeply inside, her weight is a curse.


Being an adult she’s got the greatest heart

but people don’t care, they still rip her apart.

She’s so amazing with no edges and nooks

still nobody cares; it’s all about the looks.


She’s hurt and used by so called ‘friends’

repeatedly pierced and got no amends.

Getting it bad by only weeks apart

At the end she decided to take heart.


She made a decision, in secret, and slow.

that to her it was time to turn and to go

on silent soles, her inside in strife,

she blew out her own flame of life…


(Copyright: Aurora Jean Alexander, November 2015)

20 thoughts on “When the flame of life extinguishes

  1. My dear friend, what a lovely tribute. I wish I had words to comfort you, however, we both know there are none. I believe your friend would be proud of your love for her. I also believe she knows how you feel, even now. You are such a wonderful person and friend to your friends. God Bless.

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      1. I too have lost 2 very dear friends and I wish I could say it gets easier but you know for a few years it was ok but as I have got older I miss them more..Maybe I know what they have missed and that makes me sad but I also have some lovely memories which takes the sadness away 🙂

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  2. The missing never stops, especially for those that have a special place in our hearts! Your poem possesses heartfelt feelings for someone who perhaps had few friends but those, like you, were indeed special, indeed priceless.

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