Poem Contest – Delay

Picture courtesy of: http://preventioncdnndg.org/eco-quartier/eco-tips-for-halloween/
Picture courtesy of: http://preventioncdnndg.org/eco-quartier/eco-tips-for-halloween/

Dear contestants

Please be informed that the Jury  has not yet decided on the winners.

We are working on the final decisions. The winners will be contacted by email and the results will be published on this blog as quickly as possible.

We are fascinated by the all the amazing poems. Their quality makes it hard to decide on three.

Thanks so much for your patience!

A.J. Alexander

You Know You’re A Writer When….

You know you’re a writer when… – …. Kristen Lamb tells you about her studies, knowledge and experience. 😉
This is such an amazing blog post, I know you’re going to enjoy it as much as I did.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

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So, I am gearing up for Nanowrimo and (of course) Hubby decides to get the flu because he is plotting against me  and secretly doesn’t want me to succeed  it is cold and flu season and this stuff just happens.

Poor thing.

Anyway, this means I was up all night long and have yet to go to sleep, but I did find a way to amuse myself between 1 and 4 a.m. before the fun hallucinations kicked in.

I found…THIS! Yeah, yeah, some of you have heard it before but it still cracks ME up and since I am here to amuse myself most of the time? Pthththththth. Haters gonna hate. Usually I do just fine blogging and writing in November, but just in case y’all don’t hear from me for a bit…

I figured I’d share since we all can use a good laugh before the real fun begins…

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Author Spotlight – Taren Reese Ocoda

Taren_Reese_Ocoda_Bio_Pic (1)Taren Reese Ocoda lives in Australia with her husband and daughter. She is the author of Out of Oblivion, her first and newest novel. She enjoys writing sci-fi and erotic romance stories, and loves to read everything from fantasy to sci-fi romance.






  1. When did you start writing?


I started writing in the late 90’s seriously, but it was a stop and start thing for many years as I built up my confidence. I also had a mishap where I lost an entire novel when my hard drive crashed, which made me give up on writing for a few years. I started writing again more seriously about a year and a half ago and finally started publishing my work.


  1. What motivates you to write?


I really don’t need a lot of motivation to write. I just love to do it. When I’m not writing, I start getting depressed and my anxiety kicks in. Writing helps me feel normal. I guess in a way that’s a motivation, but it’s something I love to do anyway.


  1. What genre do you write in and what made you chose this particular genre?


Under my real name I write fantasy, but under this pen name I will mainly be writing sci-fi romance. I chose this genre when I started reading it and actually enjoyed it. I’m not big on reading romances, but I really enjoy sci-fi romances. So I wanted to give writing them a try. Out of Oblivion is more of an erotic romance, but it’s a story that’s been stuck in my head for a while.  I likely won’t be writing a lot of those, though.


  1. What is your goal in writing? Do you have dreams where your writing should take you?


Really, I don’t have any lofty goals. I just want to be successful enough to support my family financially and have enough where we can just go visit different places once in a while. I’d also love to be able to visit my family in the US regularly.


  1. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block and if yes, how do you deal with it?


Not really. If I start writing too much, my brain gets a little fried, and I know I need a break. But once I take a day or two off from writing, I can get back into it quite easily. There are also times my head gets a little foggy because I have Hashimoto’s Disease and that’s one of the symptoms. That makes it hard to write, but I wouldn’t call it writer’s block.


  1. What advice would you like to give new, hopeful authors?


First of all, write what you love and read what you love to write. The more you read really good books in your genre, the better you will get at writing. If you plan to self-publish, don’t try to do it all yourself. You’ll need help especially with your book cover (unless you’re an artist or graphic designer), and editor (even if you’re awesome at editing, you’ll need help… it’s not as easy to spot errors is your own work as it is with others), and promotion. Even if it just means joining writing groups to start because you don’t have money to pay someone, or meeting people through hosting blog tours or blogging in general. There are people out there willing to help you, as long as you’re willing to help them too.


  1. Please, tell us about your work.


Out of Oblivion, as I said, was something that has been in my head for a while. I used to be involved in the BDSM community online and in real life as well. The story originated as a way to point out the dangers for a submissive to trust any dominant that comes along. Then I had my own bad experience and the story evolved from that. The story itself and the characters are completely fictional though. I only included minor elements of my own experiences. So it’s not a story about what happened to me.


Thank you for being my guest. It was such a pleasure to have you here!! 



Long Bio:


Taren Reese Ocoda is actually a pen name I’ve decided to use for writing my sci-fi and erotic romance stories. I write fantasy under my real name and decided that I wanted to keep the two genres separate. I live in Australia with my husband and daughter. I’m originally from America, but I moved out here a bit over ten years ago to be with my (now) husband. We met online and I came out here just for a visit so we could meet in person, and I’ve been here ever since. Ten years later we are still happily married, so we’re living proof that it can work! 😀 We have two cats, named Padme and Anakin—you couldn’t tell from that, that I’m a Star Wars fan—and two guinea pigs, named Sith and Prince. I love to read fantasy mostly, but I’ve been reading more romance lately as a result of meeting some really good indie romance authors who turned me onto it. I’m very picky about what I read though. Anything I read has to have a great story with characters that feel real to me. Those are the stories that really draw me in. They’re also the kinds of stories I try (and hopefully succeed at) writing. I had some ideas for romance stories in mind, but for a long time I didn’t think I had the skills to write one. I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing either. Now with the sci-fi romance genre out there, it’s intrigued me enough to give it a try. So I really hope you enjoy!

Author Pages:


Website/Blog: http://www.tarenreeseocoda.com/

Amazon Author Page: http://amazon.com/author/tarenocoda

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/bbWzrn


Social Media:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/TarenOcoda

Google +: https://plus.google.com/+TarenOcoda/posts

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Last collection of the 1st Halloween-poem contest

We proudly present the last collection of contest submissions for the
1st Halloween-poem contest.

The Alternative All Hallows’ Eve Bash!

 (by Marje @ Kyrosmagica)

It’s all Hallow’s Eve time for the party to begin,

Witches, vampires, spooks and demons of the night,

Come and join in this annual spectacular delight,

Bring your entry ticket, a glut of gruesome grisliness.


No glowing Jack O’Lanterns are permitted here,

No pretty Halloween plump pumpkins,

Our team of half dead bouncers search for sweets,

Ejecting sickly sweet cheerfulness with ferocious frowns.


Vampires savour red goblets of the purist human blood,

Witches devour human brains a spicy savoury delicacy,

Ghostly ghouls can’t ingest or digest. Oh what a shame!

Instead the smell of rotten candles fills their one time bellies.


Demons sit together in a clique,

They consume a spirit that no one dares to seek,

Their poker hot glances burn into your soul,

No one dares to join them, its too Lucifer hot!


The party’s over way too soon there is clearing up to do,

The kindly ghosts are left to pick up,

They wail boo hoo,

A ghost’s ghoulish life is over before it has begun!


The demon’s faces’ crease in a smouldering, bittersweet, smirk,

The vampires lick their lips, breaking into a blood-curdling smile,

And the witches cackle with ripples of raucous relish,

While Beelzebub bouncers pick up the ghosts and shake ‘em for fun.


Next year’s party committee is set!

A year from now a Hallibaloo of a Halloween bash is on its way!

Don’t forget, don’t be late!

Creepy Cameras at the ready, Blood, Cold, Shiver, Fire, Flash!



(by Kim Solem)

If you don’t believe in ancient behemoths beasts

Enchanted gardens, mystical forests or magic mountains

Haunted hills, ghostly worlds, or a Hell beneath


Nor in grotesque giants, walking skeletons

Flying griffons, screaming banshees, or stinking harpies

The living dead, be they mummies or zombies


In magical deer, magnificent birds and splendid unicorns

Or in evil eyed gorgons that can kill you with a glance

Nor in wizards, ghosts or witches; both good and bad


If you can’t imagine a lascivious dancing satyr

Or that a donkey can talk, let alone a talking tree

Or in fire breathing dragons, multi-eyed creatures from space

Nor in leviathans and other monsters of the deep


If you don’t believe in astrology, numerology, or eternity

Nor in extraterrestrial intelligence or the cosmic odyssey of infinity

As well as visions, epiphanies, auras of divinity and immortality


Or in other, unseen things ….like Halloween


Then my friend, you don’t believe in the Bible!”

People who don’t believe in ‘Tricks or Treats’

Such as you, are nothing more

Than atheists in denial




Halloween At The Holy Sea

(by Kim Solem)

On ‘All Hallowed Eve’
There was a prankster
Whose prank
Would change all humanity

His silly mischievous deed
On that fateful Halloween
Still affects the lives
Of you and me

This one solitary act
The first incident of a house TP’d
Brought down kingdoms
Changing all of History

Martin Luther, that smartass
Papered a door with a heretic rant
Destroying the Empire of Rome
With a single rusty tack

If only this Halloween hoodlum
Had not been a fool
We all would be going
To parochial school

And everyone would be content
Eating fish during Lent
Dressing girls in cute uniforms
While sending some to the convent

So now you hooligans
You have been versed
Your acts of chicanery
On this October 31st

Might set in motion
Things that cannot be reversed
That will eventually result
In a terrible curse

And the seeds of your children
Will suffer the folly you risked
Like me they’ll be raised Lutheran
And forced to eat the Lutefisk

Authors, Poets and Bloggers

It has been so much fun, and such an extraordinary experience to organize this contest and to get all these interesting, wonderful and fantastic poems from so many talented writers and poets!

It is Halloween’s eve after 9 pm Eastern Time, the deadline for submissions. The 1st Halloween-poem contest is closed now.

We want to thank all participants, readers and supporters for being a part of it.

Of course. it’s not over yet! – Our jury of 5 judges will carefully consider all entries and decide on the three winners.

Please give us one week to discuss. The results will be announced November 7, 2015.

Stay tuned!