A Rebellious Heart

Picture courtesy of: http://de.sodahead.com/fun/is-your-heart/question-671825/
Picture courtesy of: http://de.sodahead.com/fun/is-your-heart/question-671825/


It’s Christmas time and Holiday,

Joy and celebration all the way.

Only my heart bleeds, it’s crashed and it dies

broken and squashed by five years of lies.


A future and dreams with the man in my life

only a week ago he stabbed my heart with a knife.

Scared I’d find out about the stories he told

I found myself like a trash bag sitting out in the cold.


Pain, humiliation, regret and a loss

he has caused me to stay five years in a fosse.

Fire in my veins caused my soul to start burn

and watch him from ‘my man’ in a monster to turn!


He made me believe our life will be bright

But in truth there was nothing but the darkness of night.

Love, faithfulness, respect and honesty for me

never existed… a shadow was all I could be.


The tears of regret made me nearly drown

It took me a while to calm myself down.

Now I start asking: did he have the right –

to use me like this and cause me this plight?


Five years of my life wasted to this guy

anger washed over me and turned my tears dry.

Nobody has the right to treat me like gnat…

I matter too, it’s as simple as that!


Somewhere out there the other half of my heart

is waiting for me and our life to start.

No lies and shadows, but a life full of light

is waiting for us – true loving, faithful and bright!!


In the City of Music, there I will be…

dancing New Year’s Eve… square, line, you’ll see…

Fly free, my heart, as swift as a dove,

find him and bring me – the one and true love!!


(Copyright, Aurora Jean Alexander, December 2015)

Picture courtesy of: http://clausnet.com/articles/literature/cowboy-christmas-r26/
Picture courtesy of: http://clausnet.com/articles/literature/cowboy-christmas-r26/

14 thoughts on “A Rebellious Heart

  1. My dear sweet AJ. I sincerely hope that this is the last time you give any attention to the little sob. He is not worth it and I can guarantee you he is not spending any time, thought or energy on you.
    Love and hugs, Val

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    1. Thank you very much Val!! I’m trying my very best! I even just tried to rhyme my way out of sadness, as you can see. Still… five years isn’t nothing… but at least now I know I’ll survive… 🙂
      Thanks so much for your concern!! ❤

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      1. When you find someone that adores you with absolutely no makeup on, your hair is a mess, you have a zit on your chin and you just vomited, and he tells you how beautiful your are and how much he loves you. You know you have found the right guy. :o)

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  2. Hi,
    Rejection is a boogey-bear. It hurts because it cuts down into our soul and touches our spirit. I have no idea what actually took place between you two, but what I can say is that you have written a poem that is helping deal with your grief and will help others to deal with their grief if they have to go through the same thing.

    So, believe it or not, I am happy to see you turning that pain around and reaching out. Sometimes we do our best work when we are fighting for air, grabbing hold of a bark or a piece of tin to keep from drowning.

    I’m thinking of you A.J.
    Love you.

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