Vacation Announcement

I will not be around much from December 22 through January 9, 2016. I will be taking well-deserved Christmas vacation and will return to write and blog into a new year. 

I’ll be grateful to welcome you as a follower and reader of ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’ in 2016 as well. And I’m looking forward to a successful writer’s year. 

Thank you very much for your ongoing support!

I do appreciate your subscription to my blog news and I hope very much I’ll be able to offer you interesting and some exciting  posts and even news next year.
For this year there is only one more thing left to do for me:
And I wish you and your families:

19 thoughts on “Vacation Announcement

  1. May the year ahead bring you joy and happiness.

    May it be filled with love and kindness.

    May someone you don’t know be kind to you.

    May you be kind to someone you don’t know.

    May you spread your love beyond your circle.

    I wish you all Peace, Health, Love, Joy, and Happiness.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!
    By: Patricia Salamone ©

    Have a warm and loving Christmas too. :o)

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  2. Please enjoy your vacation. I will be right here when you return. Hope all is well with you and wishing you enjoyable and fascinating holidays. I’ll look forward anxiously, to your return and a very positive outcome to your period of rest and relaxation. Love you, Girl. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    1. Dearest friend!! You’re great! Simply, great!! It’s a little hard to believe we only know each other such a short time. It seems like I’ve known you for years!! Thank you for being there for me and waiting for my return!! Take care – and have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful and successful New Year! Love you too! ❤


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