Dating a Writer

Today I was surfing the internet to learn more about me being a writer and how my world, my life, my leisure time behavior has changed.

I as well wanted to find out how couples are finding arrangements when one of them is a writer.

At the end I ended up at ‘buzzfeed’ and found a hilarious, but apparently quite accurate infographic I couldn’t resist sharing.

What do you think: Is this just as true as I believe it is?


Picture courtesy of:
Picture courtesy of:


If you have something to add, let us all know by leaving your comment. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

72 thoughts on “Dating a Writer

  1. Roaring with laughter over here. All of this is so true… especially the part about having tea (or for those who prefer it) coffee on hand in great quantities. Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to re-blog this one with your permission, it’s priceless.

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  2. When Cyberspouse cycles round the corner these dark winter evenings, back from work in the real world, he can see if the kitchen light is on – hope of dinner – or more likely bedroom light on as I’m ‘just finishing this chapter before I get in the kitchen…’

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  3. Unfortunately, ( I have only been a writer 7 months) most of the above is true. But then my wife has a demanding job also so we do spend allot of time together ignoring each other as she works from home. I don’t mind though, if she worked in an office she would be away 7am – 7pm so gotta take the rough with the smooth hey…

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      1. Thank you so much for your help and support. πŸ™‚ And yes, you’re right. We are here to support each other. I am open to interviews, Blog Tours and/or guest posts as well, if you are interested. πŸ™‚ I’d be delighted to have you as a guest.

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  4. So…………. Where were you when I was on the dating sites looking for someone to understand me ? My problem was as soon as they discovered I was a writer they either disappeared in a puff of indignation or laugh out loud and ask me what my real job was !!!!!

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    1. I so remember my old history teacher, he was sooooo boring we kids thought he farted chalk dust! He put me off history for 40 years. Although I think if we had had the resources of what is now available on satellite TV back then I would have been hooked as I am now.

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      1. I’m sure I would Carl, I feel as if I have so much to catch up on, living as I do in the Great British Isles I have several thousand years to choose from. Even living on a tiny island off the south coast the place has it all, Iron age, Roman, Napoleonic Wars, French revolution. right up to the modern times. I have even discovered a cold war rocket engine test site on my doorstep.

        Although when I happened to stood in front of a class full of 15-16 year olds I drew a line on the board and pointed out, on the left the year 1814 in the middle 1914 and on the other end 2014.
        Pointing to 1814 I said in this year the fastest mode of transport in the world was a horse. In 1914 my own grandfather went to war on a horse carrying a lance.

        The expression on their faces was a picture…. It said without words OMG we are in the presence of a living dinosaur !

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