PAY THE WRITER—Pirates, Used Bookstores & Why Writers Need to Stand Up for What’s Right

I think this is an important article for many authors. Kristen Lamb is talking about paying the writer right. I’m sure spreading word about this is quite a good thing to do.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

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All righty. I’d vowed to take off for the holidays but *laughs hysterically* sure. Like THAT was going to happen. No, seriously, I’m working on resting more. I’m also working on learning to shut up. Clearly those two goals are getting re-slated for 2016 resolutions because the whole “Inside words stay inside…”

Not working out for me. So why not leave 2015 with a bang? Haters gonna hate.

To quote the great Tywin Lannister, Lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.

Today I’m going to say something that could quite possibly be grossly unpopular, but whatever. It’s for your own good. I’m feeding y’all broccoli to offset all that fudge and alcohol you’ve consumed during the holidays.

There’s a trend that just makes me see red and I’m calling it out today because if we do not address this 500 pound…

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4 thoughts on “PAY THE WRITER—Pirates, Used Bookstores & Why Writers Need to Stand Up for What’s Right

  1. Nobody I know will stand up for writers more than I will but…I’m going to climb on my soap box. Feel free to remove this comment if you or anyone finds it offensive.

    I usually agree with Ms Lamb but telling readers/writers to always buy a new copy is unrealistic. I borrow and trade books. I buy books at used bookstores. I borrow from the library. Often those are the ONLY sources I can find the book I’m looking for. I also feel cheated when I pay a lot of money for a book that sucks.

    I won’t steal, but I’ll buy it used or borrow from the library or a friend. I don’t feel like I have to support every single writer out there (with cash or moral support.) I might sound like a bitch, but I’m just being realistic.

    I buy a lot of new books. I buy a lot of used. I borrow a lot of books. I never steal.

    Plus a lot of writers can’t afford to buy every book new – even downloads. If you have to pick between the $75 lab fees for your teen’s biology class and buying new novels for yourself what are you going to pick? The lab fee, then go to the used book store where you can get credit for old books. That is what parents do, and old people, and kids who don’t have a lot of cash for books they need for school. Get real Ms Lamb.

    That said, I have found a lot of my favorite authors at the used bookstore. I now buy their books new because I can’t wait (because I like them so much.) I’ve found more than half of my favorite authors at the used bookstore or library.

    I also support my local used book store because I support local small business. Plus the guy who owns the place has read every single book there – from science fiction to romance to history to mystery to literature – you name it. You won’t find that on Amazon or at B&N. AND a lot of people I know don’t have e-readers.

    Used bookstores are not the problem. If you write well, if you write a good story. if people WANT what you write they will pay for it. Sure they might buy it used at first but then, when they are able, they’ll buy it new. And they’ll tell their friends to read your books. And their friends will download copies from Amazon or B&N and be glad to pay for it.

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