Writing, distraction and bad moods

Picture courtesy of: http://kwbunyap.deviantart.com/art/terminator-smiley-face-268120576
Picture courtesy of: http://kwbunyap.deviantart.com/art/terminator-smiley-face-268120576



Can you write when you’re in an extremely bad mood? When you’re distracted, when someone tries to annoy you purposely? I’m talking about turning music on he/she knows exactly you hate and that you can’t concentrate when this shit is screaming and yodeling out of the radio.

Can you concentrate on writing when this person is constantly interrupting your flow by blabbing out about something just MORE than uninteresting or blurting out insults to you in beautiful regularity? 

See? That’s why I have difficulties to get anything halfway useful onto my paper for nearly two weeks. 

I love to be in company; I’m a quite social person. And I don’t even mind writing in an overcrowded Starbucks with background noise. That, at least, can be tuned out! But if someone sits across the table and permanently interrupts me – and if I try to keep the flow, yells insults at me like I’m a 5-year-old for not replying, then I’m having problems. 

I can write and deeply sink into my story, but not when I’m permanently distracted in particular by someone who is not supportive and tells me clearly my writing is just a waste of time and that I better would use the time cleaning my place. 

Sadly moments like this aren’t very helpful to a writer newbie and are only strengthening self-doubts. 

How can I avoid being hurt and distracted like this? How can I guarantee that my writing is still as good as I hope it would be? How is it possible for writers to keep in the flow and in the mood to write something useful if there are people like this around?

Am I the only one facing problems like this?

And if not: How do other writers handle situations like that? 

Is there advice or any helpful hint or trick I can follow to keep my writing on track?  

I don’t want to give up. I have always dreamed of being a writer… and I finally am concentrating and working on my dream… and still it seems there are some artificially produced hindrances who want to destroy that dream – and destroy me. 

Is there a way anyone can help me with? Thank you so much for your support!


Picture courtesy of: http://quotesgram.com/bad-mood-quotes/#ksawJintJS
Picture courtesy of: http://quotesgram.com/bad-mood-quotes/#ksawJintJS