This is a quite interesting about “Manuscript Mental Fatigue” and might be useful to new writers. I didn’t know it existed and now reading about it seems quite logic to me.

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Why are the first few chapters of your book great and then the yawn sets in as you continue reading through your first draft? Did two people write it?

The problem is common, happens to us all, and is something rarely if ever discussed. I believe it is because we know. We. Just. Know.

I call it Manuscript Mental Fatigue (MMF). We put so much into those first few chapters, editing as we go, and you know we do, then we make it past perhaps chapter ten and it’s over. We just write. It’s not that our ideas are but we just aren’t executing them the way we did earlier. A rule given at every turn about something not to do it, but we spent all of that time on those first few chapters. Instead of letting the words flow, we edited and tried to make those first chapters excellent…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Aurora. This article definitely speaks to a lot of us out here, both new authors and old pros. Breaking away is an important step in the process. I know I’ve felt better when I’ve been away from the old manuscript for a while, and I’ve even seen it when I’ve put things on pause to work on another novel and then went back to the first one.

    Anyone else experience this?

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    1. I found it very interesting to read. I of course didn’t know something like this existed. But in case I will ever experience it, I at least know now what it is and what to do. I’m prepared.
      Thanks for leaving your comment and in particular for sharing your experience, Allan. 🙂


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