If an Emotional Support Helpline Existed for Writers #writers #writerslife

What a thought – what a great idea – what a blog post. It is irresistible. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!


The Writer's Emotional Support Helpline

Can you imagine an emotional support helpline existing for writers?

We all know that writing can bring on a host of emotions.

Well, this unique helpline would mean that you could phone a number and talk through your writing problem, which has made you….a little bit emotional.

I have whipped up some scenarios which show the The Writer’s Emotional Support Helpline helping a writer in their hour of need:

Call 1

Helpline counsellor: ‘Hello Writer’s Emotional Support Helpline, how can I help you writer?’

Writer: Sob. Wail. Sniff. Loud sobbing.

Helpline Counsellor: ‘OK I need to ask you – is your draft manuscript in a safe place? Can you confirm your draft is not in any danger?’

Writer: ‘I hate it!’ (growl). ‘My finger is touching the delete button!’

Helpline Counsellor: ‘OK I need you to walk away from your draft manuscript or put it in a safe place. What…

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