#Authors – More 3D Book Promo Configurations Added…

Chris, The Story Reading Ape, is an amazing book cover artist. He as well offers the opportunity to see your new book cover in 3-D. Now he’s added the chance of more 3-D book promo configurations and displays them on his Website. Go, check them out, and maybe you’ll decide to have your next cover designed by our Furry Friend!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Here are some more US $5.00 options I’ve added to my

3D Books Page

(just click on the images to enlarge)

 OPTION 010Option 010

 OPTION 011Option 011

 OPTION 012Option 012

 OPTION 013Option 013

 OPTION 014Option 014

 OPTION 015Option 015

 OPTION 016Option 016

 OPTION 017Option 017

 OPTION 018Option 018

 OPTION 019Option 019

 OPTION 020Option 020

OPTION 021 Option 021

 OPTION 022Option 022

 OPTION 023Option 023

 OPTION 024Option 024

What 3D Book configuration would you like to see made available?

These are custom-made VIRTUAL 3D Book Promo Displays that can be posted on your Blogs / Websites or included in your posts / online articles.

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