How to Get Paid for Writing Greeting Cards

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Once in a while when I’m looking for a very special greeting card for one of my loved ones, I read through many cards and keep thinking to myself: “I bet I could do something like this as well.”

Now I read an article on “Real Ways to Earn” about how to get paid for writing greeting cards. It clearly states that writing greeting cards isn’t as easy as it looks like. The page clearly states: “Most greeting card companies are very picky about what they will accept and even though what you write doesn’t have to be long, it has to be catchy and engaging.”

The blog post as well offers the link to the submission pages of 7 quite well known greeting card companies as also an interview with greeting card writer Nadia Ali, which I think is very interesting and gives excellent insight into the biz.

For more help and tips the article provides the links to two published and quite successful e-books, about what to avoid when submitting a verse to publishers and “How to Write Humorous Greeting Cards, written by someone who has had success writing humorous greeting cards.

I think to writers who consider a peek into the greeting card business this is a very helpful and supportive blog post and worth being read.



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