Author Scams

This is an enormously helpful warning post by Aleta Kay with a link to a very interesting article on how to beware of author scams. Thanks for this find, Aleta!



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Beware of Listopia, Indie Writers Support#Author Scams

There is no option for re-blog on this site, but Joan Stewart  of The Publicity Hound has weekly, sometimes daily advice for authors and business entrepreneurs. If you are an author and don’t want to end up getting caught in a publicity scam, please click on the link and read this article. Protect yourself from would-be promoters.

Please do your homework. Don’t get caught in the fish hooks these scammers create, pretending to be associated with Indie Books/Authors when they are not. Find out all you can before signing on with anyone.

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5 thoughts on “Author Scams

  1. Extremely important info here, thanks for sharing it. I’ve had both Listopia and Indie Writers trying to get me to sign up for their “Programs”. Haven’t fallen for either one and will be blocking both in the future. Thanks again.

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