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And can we really go without the Monday Funnies? And once again (surprise!) I’m posting it on a Monday. Have fun with Maxine. Thank you for the smile, TSRA.

Why Your Author Blog is Stuck & What To DO

Kristen Lamb posted about what to do when your author blog is stuck. She’s a fantastic blogger and one of my favorite authors, bloggers and supporters! Thank you, Kristen!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Ah the blog. Some of you might perk up at the word. Others? Blog sounds like some radioactive creature that hatched from a meteor and is only there to feed. Feed on your energy, your hopes and your dreams.

Many writers start the blog with high hopes, then a few months in? You can’t bear to go to your computer because the screen is a reminder of that shiny blog you started…then abandoned to the spam bots.

A blog done properly is one of the most powerful tools in our social media arsenal.

Twitter could flitter and Facebook could face plant, but the blog will remain. In fact, blogs have been going strong since the 90s and have taken over much of what used to be the sole territory of traditional media outlets. Additionally, blogging is the only form of social media that plays to a writer’s strengths.

Writers write.

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May/June 2016 Writing Contests

Thanks to the effort of Author Rachel Poli do we have a new upcoming list of writing contests – May/June 2016. Thank you so much Rachel for your great work!!

Rachel Poli

may june 2016 writing contests rachel poliMay 2016

Type: Fiction
Hosted by: Lorian Hemingway
Deadline: May 1 (late May 15)
Entry Fee: $15 (late $20)

Type: Fiction (inspired by artwork)
Hosted by: Words and Brushes
Deadline: May 15, 2016
Entry Fee: None

Type: Fiction
Hosted by: New Letters
Deadline: May 18, 2016
Entry Fee: $20

Type: Nonfiction (The spirit of Canada)
Hosted by: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Deadline: May 31, 2016
Entry Fee: None

Type: Fiction
Hosted by: Glimmer Train
Deadline: May 31, 2016
Entry Fee: $2

Type: Flash fiction/Short story
Hosted by: AHWA
Deadline: May 31, 2016
Entry Fee: $5 flash fiction/$10 short story

June 2016

Type: Short story
Hosted by: American Short Fiction
Deadline: June 1, 2016
Entry Fee: $20

Type: Nonfiction (Theme: Blended Families)
Hosted by: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Deadline: June 30, 2016
Entry Fee: None

Type: Nonfiction (Theme: Curvy and Confident)
Hosted by: Chicken Soup for the Soul

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How Much Should You Spend On Self-Publishing Your Book?

Jen Owenby, Author, has provided us with an interesting infographic on how much we should/could spend on a self-published book. In particular for new authors this is so valuable! Thank you very much Jen!!

Jens Thoughts

how_-much_to_chargeI received an article with this information and wanted to share. Although I didn’t use Reedsy for editing and my book cover, I found I fell within most of the pricing ranges.

One thing I didn’t see on this infographic was the Q&A time with the editor. I certainly had questions as I moved through the process and the last thing I wanted was to be left hanging if my editor said, “this doesn’t work in the plot.” I’ve worked with previous editors who would make a comment and instead of being able to ask a few questions you had to make the changes, submit, and pay again. I’m not clear what Reedsy offers, but if you’re looking for an editor, it’s an important topic to ask about.

By Maryann Yin on May. 2, 2016 Reedsy Self-Publishing Infographic (GalleyCat)

Until Next Time…

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» 15 Publishers of Mystery Novels That Accept Submissions Without an Agent

Silver Threading has provided us with a link to 15 publishers of Mystery Novels That Accept Submissions Without an Agent. Thank you so much Colleen for sharing these with us!! Fantastic!!

Colleen M. Chesebro

Attention MYSTERY writers! Check out this list of Publishers! ❤

Source: » 15 Publishers of Mystery Novels That Accept Submissions Without an Agent

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