The Influence of Followers: Would You Still Blog if You Didn’t Have Them?

Jenny of “Jenny in Neverland” published a very interesting view on blogs and followers. I thought I’d reblog and give as many readers as possible a chance to let their opinion hear about this. Thank you Jenny.

Jenny in Neverland

Having followers and readers is great. I wonโ€™t lie. When I started my blog, although I loved writing book reviews and enjoyed it immensely, I would often dream about having a decent amount of followers who I could get to know, exchange comments with and build a rapport with. I would grow green with envy at the bloggers who had hundreds, sometimes thousands of followers. Who would receive comment after comment on their latest post and who would constantly be chatting to people all over the blogosphere. I realised that although I loved writing and reading โ€“ followers were something I wanted too.

Would You Still Blog if You Didn't Have Followers

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8 thoughts on “The Influence of Followers: Would You Still Blog if You Didn’t Have Them?

  1. Yes, and I do. I do not have thousands or even hundreds of followers but yet I blog. I get my memoirs and stories posted. They are now out there for anyone to read. I wrote a book, it did not do that well but it is out there. It would be nice to have more followers but if it does not happen I will still blog.
    I have met some wonderful people and read some marvelous poetry and stories and books. When I am gone my words will still be out there. :o)

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