…Authors …there be lies, damn lies, statistics and Amazon book review numbers…

GREAT advice from Seumas Gallacher on Amazon, new authors, statistics, lies and a few more interesting numbers. Thanks so much Seumas for all your advice!

Seumas Gallacher

…those of yeez who have graced this blog with yer readership over the last few years will know I like to keep tabs on some of the things I believe an author, self-published or otherwise, should be aware of… for we scribblers, reviews are as lifeblood… sum’times precious, sum’times soul-destroying, sum’times illuminating, sum’times damning, often constructive… but let me warn yeez, they are never, never, never totally accurate…  there be lies, damn lies, statistics and Amazon book review numbers… be that as it may, over the last eight years or so, my four titles of the Jack Calder crime thriller series currently with the Great God Amazon have performed thus in review terms :


…the summary covers all of the titles’ reviews from the Amazon pages since day one of publishing on there…

…I’ve only tracked the four principal markets, Amazon UK, USA, Canada and Australia, although…

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Hate the Editing Stage of Writing? Check Out These Helpful Tools

Author Kristen Lamb has published a blog post about helpful tools for the editing process. A huge “thank you” for this advice Kristen and Nancy Lin!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

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Hey guys, Today Nancy Lin is here to help us with what might just be THE suckiest part of writing. But part of being a great writer, is also learning to be at least a good editor. We all need professional outside eyes on our work, and Nancy is here to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Take it away, Nancy!


Editing is a necessary part of writing, but not all writers are great editors. As a writer, I find it helpful to get a second opinion, because I’m not able to see every single error. And this isn’t just me.

You might think you’re the next Shakespeare (which are pretty big shoes to fill). Once you stop basking in your own ego, you can be more realistic about your writing ability. And chances are you’re not.

Professional editors are useful, and, in some cases, they’re…

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