Tweeting for Authors & Writers

Paul White of “Ramblings from a Writers Mind” has published an excellent and helpful blog post about “Tweeting for Authors and Writers”.

Ramblings from a Writer's Mind


Twitter can be an amazing tool to brand yourself as author, connect with your readers and fellow authors, if used correctly.

Here are some tips I have scrounged from trawling, (not trolling!), the net.


Be Yourself, Not Your Book

Present yourself as person and not as your book. It might seem a great idea to take the book title as a Twitter name – but what are going to do when writing your second book. You would need to open a second account for this book, the third book, etc.

Followers are also more likely talking to a person than a book.

Choose your Author-Name as Twitter-handle

To brand yourself as author choose your author-name as Twitter handle. If it is not available anymore extend it with ‘Author’, ‘Writer’ or an underscore ‘First_Last’.

Provide a Bio, a Photo and the ‘URL’ to your own Website/blog.

Take your time to…

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