Picture courtesy of: http://www.tomford.com/lips-and-boys/
Picture courtesy of: http://www.tomford.com/lips-and-boys/

Kissing is so good for you

It strengthens the heart and the cholesterol too.

It prevents cavities, ain’t that the truth,

and keeps your lips nice, moist and smooth.


I don’t care too much of health aspect,

The emotion is important, the way to connect.

A kiss to me is purest trust

Intimacy and bond a must!


A peck on the cheek amongst some friends

that’s fine with me, no strings, no amends.

But a real kiss as a couple does

needs some more power, and more buzz.


I want to feel the butterflies

want feelings in my partners eyes.

Commitment, pride, and more thereof

Have I ever been kissed with love?


Right now I feel like I’m beyond

lived too long, no love, no bond.

Seems my name’s on some blacklist.

Forever, it seems, I’ve gone UNKISSED!


(Copyright, July 2016, Aurora Jean Alexander)


20 thoughts on “Unkissed

    1. Thanks a million for this wonderful compliment, Allan.
      And isn’t the word: “un-unkissed”? LOL – I LOVE to be a writer… the word innovation process is fascinating. LOL
      And thanks for the friends-kisses. I’ll send them right back to you. 🙂


    1. Val – if I decide to wait any longer, I’ll be at least 85 years old until that “one real kiss” is given to me. LOL
      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment. And for all your support and efforts!! You’re a wonderful friend!


      1. Nay fair maiden I could never steal your virtue, it flows through your veins. Through your heart pulsing, and that affects everyone you simply walk passed. I would defend your virtue and anything else you hold dear, until the last drop of blood leaves my body.

        Liked by 1 person

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