September/October 2016 Writing Contests

Once more has Rachel Poli provided us with Writing Contests through the upcoming two months, September and October 2016. Thank you for all your work!! We are truly grateful!

Rachel Poli

September/October 2016 Writing ContestsSeptember 2016

Type: Poetry
Hosted by: FanStory
Deadline: September 12, 2016
Entry Fee: $10

Type: Themed fiction
Hosted by: Creative Writing Institute
Deadline: September 15, 2016
Entry Fee: $5

Type: Popular Fiction
Hosted by: Writer’s Digest
Deadline: September 15, 2016
Entry Fee: $20

Type: Nonfiction (Random Acts of Kindness)
Hosted by: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Deadline: September 15, 2016
Entry Fee: None

Type: Flash Fiction
Hosted by: Street Light Magazine
Deadline: September 21, 2016
Entry Fee: $10

Type: Essay
Hosted by: Literal Latte
Deadline: September 30, 2016
Entry Fee: $10

Type: Nonfiction (Best Mom Ever)
Hosted by: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Deadline: September 30, 2016
Entry Fee: None

Type: Nonfiction (The Spirit of Canada)
Hosted by: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Deadline: September 30, 2016
Entry Fee: None

Type: Supernatural Fiction
Hosted by: The Ghost Story
Deadline: September 30, 2016
Entry Fee: $20

Type: Fiction and Poetry

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The Magic Happens September 2016

The Magic Happens Magazine is live! Read about it on Annette Rochelle Aben’s Blog!! So much opportunity for us! Thank you, Annette!


Annette Rochelle Aben

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  The September, 2016 Edition of the digital magazine, The Magic Happens Magazine  is LIVE!

Writers from all over the world participate each month, to bring you their thoughts, observations and even advice, we are honored to have their works to share.

On behalf of the rest of the  Editorial Staff and as one of the contributing writers for nearly 9 years now, I invite you to check us out. Read, share, comment and have a gander at the rest of the site. Then, should this spark the desire for you to join us, contact Kathleen Anne McCarthy, and let her know your intentions. Kat (at) themagichappens (dot) com 

Each month there are a variety of prompts provided for the Theme Articles, and of course we have plenty of space for your Personal Columns, which can be used to promote your work…

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Struggling authors, please read.

Thank you very much, Author Kyle Perkins, for your encouraging words, for your support, and for your help with our struggles! We are indeed grateful for this post. Thank you!!

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Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins.

So lately I have heard from a few people that they feel like they should just give up on writing because for whatever reason, they are feeling like it just isn’t worth it anymore. Whether they feel like they aren’t getting enough attention, don’t have enough fans, or whatever the case may be, they are wrong, and here’s why.

Writers and authors have a gift, and because we have that gift, we have an obligation, a responsibility to use it. We may “just” arrange words in such a fashion that people enjoy reading them, but a heart surgeon “just” transplants hearts, and astronauts “just” go to space. We need to stop treating writing like it is simply a hobby that “anyone” can do, because that’s not the case. We “just” take people to places they can’t go on their own, and give them a form of escapism…

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