A little knowledge…

Amazing blog post from Sue. Thank you so much for this great advice!!

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The desolation of Smaug. Images © Warner Bros. Pictures, Weta Digital.The Desolation of Smaug. Images © Warner Bros. Pictures, Weta Digital.

We are always told that we should write what we know. To an extent, that is true, but those who are writing murder mysteries, for example, are hardly likely to start poisoning/bludgeoning/shooting their nearest and dearest in the name of research or feeding them to the local dragon, though, in the case of teenagers, this may occasionally seem a good option. The thing is, that most of us, if we are honest, have experienced…even at the mildest level… the emotions that can when taken to extreme and pathological levels, lead to such acts. Being human, we have every human emotion in our library of experience, even if some of them are vicariously gleaned through immersion in book or film, or more abstractly experienced through dream. Even if we have to draw upon them and take them far beyond our…

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