A Crushed Heart

There’s a heart, so much in pain

He has hurt it – because he’s vain.

Cruel and ruthless did he say,

She can’t be herself, he wants HIS way.


She needs to lose part of her weight

The way she is, became her fate.

All the love and all the bond

She thought they have, but now she’s conned.


There was a time they got along

the bond they tied that seemed so strong.

It was destroyed by his flippant view

This was a love he REALLY blew.


She thinks back to what could have been

had he listened and had he seen…

But he rather hurt her than understand

He held her heart right in his hand.


Instead protecting it as he had told

He crushed it, ruthless and quite cold.

Now she’s there, it’s so much to take

and watches her own heart to break.


(Copyright, Aurora Jean Alexander, September 2016)


Picture curtesy of: uniqsoul.newgrounds.com
Picture curtesy of: uniqsoul.newgrounds.com

22 thoughts on “A Crushed Heart

      1. I don’t know about some men. I am blessed to have found one early in my life who is as near to perfect as any man could be. He is a good man in every way a person who can be good is. That doesn’t make me unsympathetic when women suffer because I realize most men aren’t like mine. I wish he had a twin brother; I’d send him your way, Sweetie.

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  1. Someday your prince will come…
    In the meantime, relish this opportunity to find you again. Explore your world with eyes that are reborn, a heart that explodes with passion, and a freshness that lets the old layers peel away. You will get through this. Writing is a healthy outlet, and you do it well. Hugs!

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  2. Your poem is unfinished Aurora, here are the last two verses:

    The loss is his to bear, not mine
    Cause I’ll get along without him just fine
    Without his constant “change this and that”
    I’m best without the lousy rat.

    I’m free to live the life I want
    To eat and dress and even flaunt
    My own true beauty once again
    Look out world, look out MEN!

    You’re welcome 😘😘😘

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    1. Dearest Chris,
      At this moment, reading your missing verses, my heart gets a little lighter and I was laughing!! You’re absolutely amazing and a wonderful person and great friend!! Thanks for this giggle and thanks for your incomparable humor, support and help!! You just made my day!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. I will, downsizing and packing is substantially done – Next weekend we move 300 miles to our new apartment in Sussex, so I’ll be offline from 7th for a few days, but in the words of that great Bard Arnie Schwarzenegger “I’ll be BAK” 😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️

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  3. So sad, Aurora. Not long ago my daughter was in the same place. She would never be happy again, she would not find anyone else ever again. Now she’s just moved in with a new man.
    You have your poetry, though. It’s supposed to help.

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      1. You need to be strong and you’ll get through it. I know it’s hard at the moment, but it’s all part of life. We grow through adversity rather than the happy times.
        I know we’d all like to be happy all the time, but we’d never learn some of the important lessons in life. When we’ve experienced suffering, we can relate to the suffering in others. As a writer, too, it will make your writing better–more believable and personal.

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