What would happen to your story in a fire?

Jean M. Cogdell asks us an important question: What would happen to your story in a fire? – Read what important advice she is giving us.

Jean's Writing

Or a flood, or should someone steal your computer?

I don’t know about you but, I’d have a freaking heart attack!laptop-fire

We’ve all know to back up our work. I do this religiously to an external hard drive. A hard drive that is in my closet, that would burn up with my laptop and house in a fire.

Geesh! Give me a minute while I bang my head on table.

September 15, 2016, the Associated Press reported about a fire. Nothing unusual about fires, they happen every day. Unless you are the victim. As was the case for Gideon Hodge a  novelist that realized his only copies  were on a laptop inside.

Mr. Hodge rushed past firefighters into the blazing inferno to save his computer.


Man dashes into house to save laptop, 2 completed novels from fire in New Orleans’ Broadmoor neighborhood BY MATT SLEDGE

So all of this got me…

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4 thoughts on “What would happen to your story in a fire?

  1. I myself use Google, e-mail, and flash drives. I tried Dropbox, but someone got into that one real fast and way too easy. They didn’t take anything as far as I can tell, simply saved something of their own in it, but still. I didn’t like how easy someone else got access to what was supposedly a private cloud service.


    1. Dropbox is not the safest place on Earth. I therefore am very careful what I’m sharing with whom.
      But to be honest: I bought myself an indestructible external hard disk to back up my data. If there was ever a fire in my house, you would find only ashes -and this hard disk.


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