Want to be Featured on Suzie Speaks?

Suzie Speaks offers bloggers to be featured on her blog during the month of October! It is a fantastic opportunity! Thank you!

Suzie Speaks

Blog profile PicWant to have your blog featured on Suzie Speaks? I’m running opportunities for bloggers to receive promotion throughout October in the form of sponsored posts, culminating in a massive Blog Party for Halloween.

With nearly 17,000 monthly readers (plus several thousand followers on Pinterest) and just a few hundred views away from 650,000, this could be a fantastic opportunity for both new and established bloggers to be introduced to a whole new audience!


This is available to anyone and everyone and there is a single sponsored space for one blogger every day. There are two price options available:

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The Dreaded Synopsis—What It REALLY Reveals About Our Writing

A very important blog post was published by Kristen Lamb – “The Dreaded Synopsis”. Thank you, Kristen. Your support is enormously valuable!

Kristen Lamb's Blog


There is one word known to strike fear into the hearts of most writers. Synopsis. Most of us would rather perform brain surgery from space using a lemon zester and a squirrel than be forced to boil down our entire novel into one page.

Yes one.

But alas we need to for numerous reasons. First and foremost, if we want to land an agent, it works in our favor to already have an AWESOME synopsis handy because the odds are, at some point, the agent will request one.

Sigh. I know. Sorry.

A Quick Aside

When it comes to synopses, I lean toward the, “Better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission” camp. Which is where already having a seriously spiffy synopsis helps.

Think of it this way. E-mail sucks. Getting lots of email and having to juggle it all sucks. Agents get a lot of email. Since I am…

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Does FB Sell Books & Do Writers Need a Facebook Fan Page?

Kristen Lamb informs us about the difference of a personal and author fan page on FB and publishes this excellent post about FB helping us writers selling books. Have a look!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 12.18.24 PM

Social media is powerful for connecting us (our books) with the very people we wrote them for to begin with. But, we are wise to appreciate that creating a brand and cultivating genuine and passionate fans is not going to happen overnight. The deeper the roots, the stronger the brand and the platform.

Why that is important is if we keep chasing the newest shiny, we fail to ever gain compounding results. We are chasing fad after fad. Thus a saner approach is to build places that are the most stable.

***Yes, we can build on Instagram and SnapChat and the like, but that will come with more risk and possibly devour time we need to write more books.

The blog is still the strongest and most resilient form of social media. Blogs have been around since the 90s and unless the Internet goes down? Blogs will remain.

But other…

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Writer’s Block? How to Get Your Novel Unstuck

Kristen Lamb published a blog post about “How to get your novel unstuck”… It’s a great post about ‘writer’s block’, an experience that makes me goose bumps.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 6.20.28 AM

We’ve all been there. When we started off with this brilliant story idea we just simply knew this was the one. This story we would finish. This time would be different.

*insert screeching breaks* (pun intended)

Then we hit a wall. We simply can’t seem to move forward no matter how hard we try. We might even go through the Kubler-Ross Stages of Death and Dying.


Oh it isn’t that bad. I just haven’t had enough caffeine.


What the hell was I thinking? A romance? No one wants to read about love. Love is dead. Readers want diet books and recipes with kale.


Maybe if I just go add in some super clever metaphors it will all improve. Can one use emojis in fiction? I find smilie faces spice up my Facebook posts. Brilliant!

Tiffany was thrilled Dane asked her to dinner 😀 😀 😀 ❤ <3…

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…it started off as just writing a coupla sentences 8 years ago… look what’s happened!…

Seumas Gallacher’s fifth book, Deadly Impasse was published. Check it out, folks!!

Seumas Gallacher


…I s’pose it’s the kinda thing that happens when a few snowflakes roll into a snowball and it goes on a roll, gathering more and more as it  goes along, and ends up as an enormous avalanche… writing… the mystical allure that is the scribbler’s art… the indescribable sensation of birthing yer own wee literary babies… releasing them as fledglings into a huge WURLD of their peers… books, novels, tomes, volumes… Master Gallacher‘s own experience is par for the course, as many of my fellow authors have shared… it started off as just writing a coupla sentences 8 years ago… look what’s happened!… the germ of an idea for a story triggered the Jack Calder series… the characters appeared, and then they basically took over the whole deal… spontaneous committee meetings in my head sprung up, comprised of the men and women who populate the series… and to heck…

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