The Tree – A ghost story

The first part of “The Tree” – A ghost Story – by F. E. Feeley jr. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!


F.E.Feeley Jr


((Photo provided by by artist tertia van rensburg))

Okay so here’s the deal. Halloween is my Christmas. Seriously. I love All Hallow’s Eve or Samhain however you refer to it. And I know I already wrote one story a year ago, another this year, but it’s still a couple of days out. So, what I think I am going to do, is post a serial blog with a story I’d been working on for some time called The Tree. Now the thing is, this story is partly written. And I want YOU the READER to give me feedback on how you think it should end. I’ll post a little bit every day until Halloween and if I like YOUR suggestions – I’ll send you a free copy of it. 

Okay? So here goes….

Chapter 1

The old oak tree down by the river was his favorite place to be…

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