Let Your Soul Fly Free to Heaven

The day is gray, it’s wrapped in sadness

some of the clouds are crying rain.

Today  I tried to run from madness

to flee from darkness and the pain.


My chest tied up as I get ready

I feel my life comes to an end

my breath comes flat and still it’s steady

I’m too broken to amend


Under the trees with nature’s touch

I walk up through rock and stone

I feel the hurt gets far too much

instead of lessened it has grown.


Why do some people always hurt me

make me feel like I’m far too low

to be loved, God, hear my plea

it’s time for me that I would know.


My eyes  in tears I follow traces

of deer, of wolves; hunters and prey.

The wolf who tore me, has many faces

I think remorse is not his way.


Many hours later, I reached my goal

I stood and heard the eagle’s cry.

I only wish my injured soul

had strength enough to go and fly.


Go my soul, fly free, go home.

Where there’s peace and you are safe

spread your wings and let you roam’

don’t think back and leave my grave.


Love and peace and lights are waiting

Heaven’s where you do belong.

nobody hurts, no pain and no one’s  hating

there you can sing, and dance , grow strong.


Your stay on Earth proves too much trouble

you don’t belong, here you can’t sing.

There’s too much pain for you in double.

Go, fly home – on Angel’s wing!



(Copyright: Aurora Jean Alexander, November 2016)


Picture Courtesy of: https://animals.desktopnexus.com/get/1236552?t=d4a6tvq4kvmup4acqbh4mm2rb1581fafdb1bb85

30 thoughts on “Let Your Soul Fly Free to Heaven

  1. My heart aches for your heart, and perhaps that’s because you express the ache and the pain there so beautifully. Your poem truly proves there is beauty in sadness. Some day (I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but…) the sadness will fade and become bittersweet and beautiful. I’m a LOT older than you, and I know…

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  2. Your words brought tears to my eyes. You write so beautifully. Rae is right, though. No matter how dark thing are now, the pain will fade in time. We are sent these things so we can grow.

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  3. This poem is beautifully written and so well describes the agony and loss of hope at which times we often wish and pray for release and permission to call it a day and venture back to our original Home.Write your feelings as it is therapeutic and you learned from reading my book that I know of which I write, Just don’t let it bring you down so low that you actively wish to leave this earth—for you’re meant to learn from this as we all are, and in learning, grow. It is not your time to surrender your soul in hopes of finding heaven’s realm. Heaven alone, will let you know.

    Love you and I am so proud of who you were, are and are becoming.


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  4. The suffering will linger a while until you are ready to set it free. Only you can do it. I know you will because you are so much stronger than you think.
    Picture the suffering as a tiny bird with a broken wing. Stroke it’s feathers and care for it and when it’s well again, open your hands and let it fly away. You will sense when it’s time to just let it go, because it’s not who you are today. Suffering happened to who you were. Look upon it with no emotion as you would a stranger. As It disconnects from you it will disappear like a gust of wind blown away by the sunshine rays of hope and renewal. You can do this!

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  5. Honey, this is depression. It hangs over you like a dark cloud weighing a ton. You probably don’t feel real good either. You don’t need meds for this type of depression. You need to try not to dwell on it, try to keep busy even doing mindless things and one day it will lift of its accord and the sun will shine in a blue cloudless sky. Trust me on this. I have battled it for twenty years now. Cry when you need to and don’t listen to country western music. That really makes me cry and feel down. You are functional with this, you just ran a contest and I know you want to write another fantasy. Writing helps but I find journals are too depressing even for me to write as each day of my life is the same or worse but rarely better.

    Write short stories for a while. Get a kitten. Function!!! And wait out the darkness without trying to fight it but don’t succumb to it either. Look upon it as a bad cold that will clear up.

    Talk to me when you need to. I am always here, waiting out my own darkness.

    Love, you,


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    1. Thank you, Micki
      Yes, I was diagnosed with depression – but I do need meds. And I just reacted allergic to these. I don’t feel good either.
      I’m trying to write – but there’s so much that literally my world crashed…
      I need more time to myself.
      Thanks for all your support Micki!
      Love you too!


  6. Your very expressive poem said so much…I do hope that, by now, the hurt has lessened. I lost some dear friends and parents too close together years ago, so feel deeply for your great sadness. Keep busy and always have a goal…Keep the little girl in you near too..and keep smiling! (Loved the photo to your poem too.) Love Joy xx


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