Is Christmas Really Magical?

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Christmas time is magic time

that’s what people say,

do I feel less a victim

and much less like a prey?


There are days I’m just as sad

as I have lately been,

feeling much like losing.

On others like I may win?


Is it what it’s called

“The Christmas spirit’s sense”

that makes me more relaxed

spares me from being tense.


My feelings are in ups and downs

nothing steady, it is true

one day I’m cheerful

the next day I am blue.


Sometimes when I see stars

hear the Christmas sound

I find myself at peace

my feet strong on the ground.


Seldom and still it is there

rare and strong, the need to cope

a feeling that is nagging

the feeling, that’s called “hope”…


(Copyright, Aurora Jean Alexander, December 2016)

22 thoughts on “Is Christmas Really Magical?

  1. Nice writing. Christmas is magical under the right circumstances. Sometimes we are in the situation where we can create a bit of that feeling ourselves. Perhaps when we look for it we may find it…;-)

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  2. I think so esp now that I am the one providing the magic. Presents already under tree as my son gets his 5 year old daughter this weekend so our Christmas Eve is the 17th and it put a twinkle in my eye to watch my 34 year old son take a focused look at packages with his name. He’s still a kid. Yes, the magic remains !

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  3. Christmas puts hope in the hearts of many, even the hurting hearts. I believe in the Reason for the Season which makes me more sensitive to those who are grieving for one reason or another at Christmas. I try to do something about it; even if its just a “thinking of you” phone call or note. It’s better to err on “doing the wrong thing” than to do nothing at all. That shows indifference–something no one should allow themselves to feel at Christmas.

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