…self-publishing Authors… are marketing and free Auntie Amazon promos worth it?…

Thank you very much, Seumas Gallacher, for sharing your experience! I, as a newbie, am grateful to have you! šŸ™‚

Seumas Gallacher


ā€¦most of my wunnerful scribbler friends on the Web enjoy the creative writing side of the business, but that same 99.99% are also delighted when the Auntie Amazon sales pages are ticking upwardā€¦ and this olā€™ Jurassic is no differentā€¦ those of yeez who honour me by reading these blogs regularly will know that Iā€™m not shy in pushing my wee literary masterpiecesā€¦ Iā€™ve often pointed to the fact that in the modern self-publishingor ā€˜house-publishedā€™WURLD, the Author/Authoress has to be multifacetedā€¦ writer/editor/copywriter/proofreader/cover art designer/formatter/advertiser/promoter to get heard amidst the Blogosphere dinā€¦ Iā€™m not advocating spammingā€¦ far from it.. spamming turns more people off than it brings aboardā€¦ but I mean properly presented programs to put yer WURK in front of potential readersā€¦ Iā€™ve just completed a five-day free promo on AmazonĀ Kindlefor KILLER CITY, the second most recent of my titlesā€¦ I chose that title becauseā€¦

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