My Beloved Paper Agenda

Starting this post with a confession is quite hard to do, to be honest. But I decided to do it anyway:



I know you might laugh, but I’m terrified that I’m getting too old to be able to change my ways and finally give up my affinity to my paper agenda.

It is a beautiful agenda, teal colored with turquoise surroundings. It not only includes my annual agenda, but also a little paper notepad and an address book. It’s a COACH agenda and I’m very proud to have it. That thing is about 13 years old and I remember exactly where I bought it and why. And it’s about as heavy a gallon of milk.





I love it deeply and not only use it to write down appointments but also birthdays, addresses, things to do and things not to forget…

It is however really heavy and uses up a lot of space in my purse, which forces me to leave it at home and get a light and easy annual planner to take with me, just in case I’m on the road and need to add an appointment.



As soon as I’m back home I’ll take what I wrote in this ‘on the road’ planner and carefully copy it to my COACH agenda which I just for some reason can’t give up…

I know it would be BY FAR easier to throw them both away and take my appointments, notes, to-do list and birthdays and enter them into my smartphone.  I just really think I’m confused, weird, old or simply ‘stubborn’, because I’m not there yet.

In all these years of technological progress, where I effortlessly progressed from Telex to Telefax, from Telegram to text message, from typewriter to computer, from a rotary phone to smartphone I’m still addicted to my paper agenda and planner.

It would be so much easier, but I still haven’t done it – and I’m asking myself why? Do I need to be forced to? Am I waiting until there won’t be any re-fillers anymore for the new year? What am I waiting for?

Do I need a psychologist or rehab? What is it that I need to make this progress, to get this change done and make life easier for myself.

If you have an idea, I’m going to be delighted to hear it! Thank you!

26 thoughts on “My Beloved Paper Agenda

    1. Yes, it is, right? I mean, let’s be honest…. I’m so much faster scribbling my things into the agenda by hand than typing it into the phone. (which asks me after every task I completed “Do you want to delete it”?

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  1. I am MUCH older than you, so it is not surprising I’m tethered to a paper “planner,” not Coach, but from office depot for about $15.00. It stays at home, but I take along in my purse a To Do list on a small piece of a memo pad or on a used envelope. We all have our ways, but the important thing is to keep organized.

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  2. I am SO with you, Aurora! And, in fact, I laughed my butt off reading how you deal with the paper plannerS (capital S intended), because I do the exact same thing! Two paper planners, endless transcription from one to the other….and to take it one more ridiculous step further, just to make sure the information is every place I would possibly check, I then add all appointments/reminders, etc to my iPhone. And sometimes, like tonight, I STILL forget an appointment. I think it’s maybe something like preferring a print book over an ebook. Something tangible, in the hands.

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    1. I’m a writer… I love paper, I love pens – and apparently I love plannerS (taking over your capital S). I know it’s almost “too much” reading about it, but usually I keep appointments, know that I have it at least in one of the agendas, but I don’t have them in my phone for some reason. I think, if I start doing that, I’ll probably sooner or later set my planners out of service.


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