Do Some People Lack the Talent to be Authors? – written by Kristen Lamb

Here you’ll find part of this excellent and very honest post, written by Author Kristen Lamb.



After the last post, we got in a rather spirited discussion in the comments regarding talent. Lora, an editor, was relaying a common malaise many editors feel (I’ve felt it myself plenty of times), which posits the eternal question.

Are there just some people who simply lack the talent to be novelists?

Good question.

A huge problem is that far too many people believe that a “clever” idea and command of the English language is all that is required to become a novelist, yet that is not the case. We’ve witnessed this with the rise of self-publishing. There are simply a lot of really BAD books out there.

Lora challenged me to write a post that might serve as some kind of a litmus test for talent, but in truth? Such a list is beyond the scope of my abilities because I don’t know if such a checklist exists.

Sales certainly are no indicator of talent. There are plenty of brilliant books that don’t sell or sell poorly and there are other works that sell a gazillion copies and show us clearly how taste has at least fifty shades.

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3 thoughts on “Do Some People Lack the Talent to be Authors? – written by Kristen Lamb

  1. Good article. In today’s world one would have to add marketing skills as part of being a successful writer. Many terrible Indie writers get to be Amazon best sellers because they learned ways to beat Amazon’s system(corrupt in itself) and get their rankings up where they will be noticed. Still, in my opinion and marketing aside, a writer can learn the mechanics of writing and maybe get by, but exceptional writers are born storytellers–which is innate, not taught

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    1. You know, I think you’re right Micki. Some of us, who have the necessary wisdom and age are trying to continuously learn the craft. But with some of the younger ones… I’m not sure… and I hope I’m not pre-judging here.


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