Let’s Keep Blogging Fun

Hugh W. Roberts tells us how he handles blogging – and the guilt that seems to come with it sometimes. Thank you very much for this post, Hugh!

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I’ve recently been reading some posts and messages on Facebook where people are asking for advice because blogging has got to the stage of stressing them out and/or making them feel guilty. I’ve written about this subject before, and know exactly how these bloggers are feeling, having been through the whole blogging ‘feeling guilty’ trip, myself.

One of the reasons why I signed up to WordPress and created my blog was because I thought blogging would be fun. One year in and I found myself becoming very stressed and feeling guilty because I wasn’t able to keep up with reading all the new blog posts being published by the bloggers I was following. Some days, I was finding myself doing little else but reading and leaving comments on blog posts. Heck, some of the bloggers I was following were publishing more than a few blog posts a day, and I…

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11 thoughts on “Let’s Keep Blogging Fun

  1. I have had to cut back too but I do take the effort to visit and reply to my 70 or so most loyal followers .Unless it has to do with cartooning I have stopped subscribing to new blogs and deleted those who post dozens of things every day.

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  2. I love interacting with other people, and sometimes get carried away – like in between writing a specific book – but, used wisely, I think Facebook is excellent for a) learning what makes other people tick (to a point!), b) learning all manner of things about the world and everything/one in it and c) It’s of great social benefit to the lonely. Posts on blogs are, mostly, very entertaining and interesting, and I particularly like the humorous ones. But then, I love words.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comments. I’m afraid I’m not a big fan of Facebook. I had to be forced to have a Facebook page as I was told an author needed one. I don’t use it very much and tend to find all the information I need either from the Blogging World or by Googling it. However, I can see some of the benefits you list about Facebook. I tend to you use other Social Media platforms to promote my posts and have had some excellent results. I guess it’s all a matter of what works best for each of us.


  3. Hi Hugh, Thank you for your comments too. I wasn’t always a fan of Facebook; in fact I had to be persuaded to join…but enjoy the more serious posts (worthwhile petitions and intelligent points of view articles) as well as from a social angle. I’ve ‘met’ some amazing people through the medium. Don’t know that I sell many of my books via Facebook though…I do have a web site: http://www.joylennick.wordpress.com and usually comment on it monthly and would be interested to know what social media platforms you recommend. Thank you.

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  4. Hi Aurora,
    I too had my doubts about Twitter, but some people seem to sell their books through the medium? Luck, talent, what?! I love all your pictures etc., I’m a dumbo in that direction. LOL


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