I Never Wore A Ballroom Gown

For a moment I considered telling you my life was dabbling and boring and nothing exciting ever happened, but that’s simply not true. I had many highlights in my life. And if they weren’t there, I produced them. I had ups and downs, some of my decisions were good, others not so much, but I was never bored in my life, not even for one minute.

But there is one thing I’m missing until now: I never had the chance to wear a ballroom gown. Yes, I know, there’s prom… but unfortunately not for me. The reason for that will be staying in the shadows. It just didn’t happen. So, no prom, no gown.

Lately, I was thinking about the gown I would have probably picked. I mean, we agree that every girl and woman once in her lifetime wants to feel like a princess, right? I therefore very much suspect my prom gown would have looked something like this:












I know… it couldn’t be more opulent and flamboyant, right? I still think the dresses are somehow cute. But not for me. I think the blue one would have been closest to my choice back then. It’s cute, I love the cold color palette, and I had been enthusiastic about the different layers of fabric.  I would have looked like the strolling version of a sparkling mosquito net, but I had been happy.

Well, my prom age is a few years back. (I love the expression ‘a few.’ It’s extendable). Would I pick one of these now, or did my taste completely change?

You bet it changed. Should I ever have the chance of going to a ball, soiree, dance party where evening gowns are demanded, I would more pick something like this:













But most likely, and because I am who I am, I’d show up in a dress very similar to this one (with different shoes of course since I like my ankles too much to sacrifice their wellbeing to some murderous instruments like these):


Yes, I know. My taste has significantly changed within the past decade (or more). I got more adult, started preferring more the ‘modest’ and classic style, but with a tiny extra that reveals the noble elegance of what I wear.

But I simply doubt I’d ever be invited to some ball, neither today nor tomorrow and probably not even in the next two or eight months.

What am I going to do to fulfill my personal dream of once in my lifetime looking and feeling like a princess?




Aaaaahhhhh…. my wedding! I love to look at wedding dresses, just like every other woman does too. At current times (April 2017) this article does on no account mean I will get married anytime soon.

At this point, looking at possible future wedding dresses, I found out pretty quickly, my taste has changed here as well.

Haven’t I been dreaming of wearing a dress like Empress Elizabeth of Austria, with wide, expanding crinolines and layers and layers of tulle, silk, lace, silver or gold and an enormous train?












This would not be too comfortable, but at least I ensured that I’d spend the day more or less alone since guests, family, and groom would politely stay at least 6 feet away not to endanger polluting my wedding dress nor stepping on it.










Breathtaking, aren’t’ they? And about as comfortable as spending the night on a bed of nails. Fifteen years (or a few more) ago, I had picked one of these without hesitating. Nowadays I’d rather let my fingernails be pulled out than being forced to get married in such a monstrosity. I’m not saying they are not beautiful. More the opposite. I’m only saying, they would look awful on me.




Then I found two other extravagant wedding gowns which made me burst out into laughter. They’re hilarious. I’m trying to imagine how I’d be looking in this dress below on the left: probably like some exploded cotton candy.

And how about the one on the right? AJ costumed as the walking bird flu.





















What would I pick now to get married in? Yes… the same simple, classically elegant dress I think would best show who I am.






























And should you ever see a wedding from far, where the bride is blond and wearing this dress, then it’s most likely going to be me, taking my last chance ever to wear a beautiful gown. (And promising the love of my life everlasting support, faithfulness, confidence amongst a few other things).

All pictures are courtesy of: www.pinterest.com



22 thoughts on “I Never Wore A Ballroom Gown

  1. You have fabulous taste. These are beautiful. With the right fit they would all look beautiful on you. And you never know when the opportunity might come up… maybe a party, maybe the opera, maybe a wedding… or maybe something else!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaaawwwww…. thanks so much for your compliment on my taste, Juliette!! I’m excited you think so. I really appreciate to have you here reading and commenting!! ❤ You're always a special guest to my blog – and my heart.


  2. I, too – despite my longevity – have never worn a full length evening gown and would love to have done years ago. Even my wedding dress (64 years ago…) was ballerina length, but quite pretty. I admire your modern taste and feel you would look stunning in any one of them. Time is on your side, Aurora. Fascinating to wonder….

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  3. I’ve read your blog and found it very interesting indeed, also found myself looking at the photos, my favorite dress was the off one shoulder with gold leaves, would love to have it. You would look absolutely magnificent in it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Renee. I’m happy to hear you like it. Oh – when I was younger I would have loved to dress into that poofy stuff in a heartbeat. And probably had very much looked like a glacier. LOL
      And I like your post too! 🙂


  4. I loved the simpler dresses: tres chic! I was married when ‘Ballerina length’ was in fashion – so lace and tulle with an embroidered section on a simply layered skirt. I’m quite sure that, before long, some dashing guy will sweep you off your feet and you’ll be able to choose a favourite design! A nephew & his bride were married wearing simple white cotton outfits (both) in the Bahamas with their bare feet in the sea, including the Chaplain who married them! It doesn’t really matter what you wear as long as you’re happy…..xx..

    Liked by 1 person

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