How To Plan The Crime In Your Mystery Novel [Mystery Month]

Rachel Poli provides us with an interesting and informative post on “How to plan a crime”, including a ‘checklist’. This is great! Thank you, Rachel!

2 thoughts on “How To Plan The Crime In Your Mystery Novel [Mystery Month]

  1. Just finished THE LAST JUROR, Grisham. Well woven crime tale. A suggestion I would add to your list is ALWAYS get your facts right. One of the characters in the story runs to Canada during Vietnam Era because he had a high draft number. The way it was is that each day of the year was drawn in lottery to be given a draft number 1-365. No Mr. Grisham. If you got a high draft number you had almost no chance of being drafted. It was the LOW draft number that kept’s us in fear. I remember. My birth date June 18 was well into the 300’s. Whew. I got to finish college and became a teacher for 33 years.

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