Father’s Day 2017

June 11 it’s been 20 years ago my Dad unexpectedly had been called from this Earth. Still I miss him, but I do carry him in my heart and sometimes I still hear his heartily laughter.

What I regret is, that I can’t tell him anymore what an amazing Dad he was to me!!


Happy Father’s Day up there, Dad.


Picture courtesy of: http://www.pinterest.com



3 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2017

  1. Aah! Heartfelt words… I was closer to my mother than my father, although I loved him too. The wider the gap since his death (in 1983), the more I miss and appreciate him. He was a good man; I never saw him blind drunk (a little merry,very occasionally, maybe!) , he always worked hard;we never went hungry. And he only ever hit me once (deserved!) He was intelligent and had an earthy sense of humour; wrote well and was a gifted calligrapher with green fingers. “You led a good life, Dad and are still in my heart on Father’s Day.”.


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