How real are online friendships? – Guest Post by Jemima Pett…

Author Jemima Pett has published a wonderful and very sensitive guest post on The Story Reading Ape’s blog – about the reality of online friendships.
I wish I could tell I had ‘enjoyed’ reading it… of course, in a way I have. Her writing is excellent! – But the experience she made about losing online friends by them passing away, reminded me of a few of my online friends I have lost. I never met them personally – but still, it hurt to lose them. I grieved.
Thank you for this sensitive post, Jemima.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

How real are online friendships? How do you handle the inevitable?

If you don’t have a companion animal, and avoid all those Facebook memes of cuddly puppies, cute kittens and ridiculous antics of parrots, you may have flicked over some of TSRA”s guest posts recently.

What you may not realise is that those pets bring people together too.

Friends I haven’t met

Of course, any shared hobby brings like-minded people together. The power of Facebook and other social media sites is that people who like the same things—whether actual people, or hobbies, music, animals or books—find each other. And just as regulars feel they ‘know’ the Story Reading Ape, so we get to ‘know’ people we interact with on Facebook, Like on pages, or visit on blogs.

Many of my writing ‘friends’ I have never met, and I’m never likely to meet, in truth. Some of them I know by…

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5 thoughts on “How real are online friendships? – Guest Post by Jemima Pett…

  1. I have lost many treasured online friends I never met in life and it still hurts. I also got an eye opener during the election when many I knew for years and considered good friends, turned on me for my political affiliations. The really true friends did not let different view damage long friendships.

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    1. I’m with you on both counts, Micki. It can come as a shock when people you thought of as sharing the same values turn out to be the opposite, but there is no excuse for denigrating them.

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  2. Right. What hurt was that accepted their opinions and did not discuss politics with them. They went after me like a pack of wild dogs, with name callings and bullying. I still tried to stay neutral, until they got so vicious I walked away from the friendship. I’m still shocked and hurt that while politicians come and go, to me friendships are forever.

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