The Creative Benefits Of Being Bored – written by Kristen Lamb

Kristen Lamb, one of our favorite teachers, provided us with an enormously impressive post about the creative benefits of being bored. I have to admit, I’d recommend it to everyone. Read it, and take out of it what you need. Thank you, Kristen!




Hey everyone! Remember me? It’s Kristen and I’m back and yes of course I missed all of you dearly. In this blog, I’ve always worked to be transparent with you guys so you knew it was okay to be human. Lately, I’ve been very very human as in seriously exhausted and burned out. Working is easy for me. Resting?

That requires an intervention.

Hey, I’m a work in progress too! 😛

I’m bad about having two speeds, GO and GO HARDER. Three years ago I pushed and pushed until I ended up with a nice case of Shingles that laid me out for months.

Yeah nothing to make a gal feel young and sexy like Shingles.

One would think I learned from that. Sigh. No *hangs head in shame* So I’ve been going going going for months. Launched a debut book, blogging, teaching then went to present at a week-long retreat…where I worked 10-12 hour days. I LOVE my work. Sitting alone in the woods in the quiet? When there are writers I can HELP??????


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5 thoughts on “The Creative Benefits Of Being Bored – written by Kristen Lamb

  1. Great post. I used to hate getting bored, infact I would get real mad about it. We always fill our bored now with technology like you said. It’s killing the world. No more communication, if I get to have a conversation in work during a break it’s like a shock to the system. Something strange, but also so liberating, that is really quite sad if you think about it. Time to get bored again. Thanks for your post.

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    1. The post was written by Kristen Lamb actually. 🙂 She’s amazing.
      I have never been a person who easily was bored. Give me a pen and some paper and I can spend hours quite productive. But sometimes each one of us just simply needs a break.
      Thank you for dropping by, reading and leaving your comment.

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