In Need Of A New Computer

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It’s been seven years that I welcomed my desktop to my home… In all these years it has been a loyal and trustworthy accomplice to me in everything I had planned. But I feel it’s getting tired. Even though I can hear it works hard to fulfill my every need it has significantly slowed down.

I would say – another six months and my faithful friend is going to be retired. (or falling into a coma whichever comes first).

To me, this means I need to think about a successor for my dear electronic brother.

After thinking for quite some time and considering the move I have in mind, amongst other things, I decided for a laptop instead of a desktop. Well, that decision was easy, compared to deciding on a model.
The questions I had to ask myself to find THE laptop have been numerous, and I’m still not convinced I thought about everything. Finally, I found a page where they listed the ten best laptops. I was still not sure if one of these would be right for me.


I admit I’m lost. I feel overwhelmed with the sheer choices and possibilities. I’m a writer – and I work on a computer daily… but I’m still only a user, not an IT-expert.

After going on with research, I found a website with the best laptops for writers. Here they give me a table with the best laptops for writers.


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To be honest: It doesn’t help. I’m still no expert and what they list here doesn’t tell me a lot. Yes, some things help – but some of the more detailed descriptions leave me more confused than ever.

I don’t know which one I should pick. I only know I won’t buy an Apple product. After this decision, it still leaves me with five laptops and just as lost as I was before.


Is there anyone who can give me a recommendation? Is someone using one of these laptops and can give me a review? Or is there any other suggestion or advice I can follow? I’d appreciate every help I can get.



21 thoughts on “In Need Of A New Computer

  1. When we moved here I bought 2 Dells one for me and one for my grandaughter they both lasted little over the guarantee period and both the service and the laptop were not recommendable. I then opted for the Asus and it is excellent in all ways and is still going strong. I am thinking of buying a new one at some point and am leaning towards the Lenovo as have had very good reports from users and it has a good memory capacity by comparison with the others.Good luck it is a minefield 🙂

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  2. About four years ago, when my old desktop was ready for retirement, I bought an ASUS. I love it. It goes everywhere with me. My daughter-in-law and son both recommended the ASUS to me, and I’m so happy they did. I would highly recommend this LT, Aurora.

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  3. Dell is a no that is for sure I’ve gone through TWO of them in short amount of time. Hadnt even been over a year. My HP Pavillion I have now and I have had it for 4 year’s it’s just now showing signs of slowing down. I have heard Acers are good too,

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  4. I have used Apple pros and enjoyed them, but budgets kept me from replacing. I have a Dell, not recommending. A year into my Dell the drive went out, as mine was cheaper, and didn’t have solid state. Dell sevice was impossible to work with. I had user Toshiba answers Samsung and was far more pleased with the and their service. I replaced the broken dell drive with a Samsung solid state, with no issues now for 2 years.
    I’d recommend a Samsung or Toshiba. However, whatever you choose make shure the drive is solid state, they can handle the banging about of portability.

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  5. You might also consider a tablet with a cloud connection. I used an iPad almost exclusively for two years. However, if you use an app with style sheets that you rely on frequently, you may not enjoy the scaled down versions of Word, etc.

    A MacBook Air is a reasonably priced Apple entry and it’s fairly easy to transport files from your PC, or an external hard drive with a USB port. The Word implementation is almost identical to the PC version now (much to my regret since the old versions were superior).

    It’s also extremely portable, almost as light as a tablet.

    But it’s not a PC and while people have an easier time moving from a PC to a Mac than a Mac to a PC, if you’re wedded to that Windows interface, my recommendation would be to read the specs

    You want:
    Best display size without increasing the pixel depth to the point of blindess.
    Battery life. You never know when you’ll be caught without your adapter.
    Weight. It matters.
    RAM and storage: If you’re only writing, these are almost irrelevant. If you rely on graphics, and actually work with them, RAM and storage are essential.
    You want a solid state hard drive. This will speed your work more than other factors.

    Look for qualified reviews of the two or three models you narrowed your choice to. Amazon reviews don’t count.

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  6. I’m on an Acer Travelmate Aspire timeline X. It’s probably an older model now but I’m been using it non stop – like most writers do – for almost 5 years. It’s my second Acer and they are mid range in price I think.

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  7. My husband has an Asus laptop. I use a desktop still, though. (So does he when at home.) I sometimes wish for the flexibility of a laptop, but my son has just given me a Bluetooth keyboard I can use with my iPad, so I might be able to work with that.
    My husband is happy with his Asus.

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