Romance, Seduction, Taste – A Sexy Male Protagonist

I’m a writer of paranormal romance, working on the sixth book in my series, currently, even though the first book still needs to be published.

Now lately I have realized that my romantic male protagonists  are very attractive – all of them. (Of course, I measure my taste here, so please don’t hold it against me).

Then I started thinking: I’m an avid reader and occasionally read the one or other steamy hot romance novella. And I never even once read a description of an unattractive protagonist. They all were described as extremely good looking, and of course, they need to be. Otherwise, the entire book would be kind of weird.

A quick example. The Twilight Series. Edward Cullen was described as beautiful, breathtaking, Angel and so on. Would this series have been only half as successful if the protagonists had been merely mediocre or even having some obvious flaws?

Now, let’s be honest, which one below here is the ‘better’ Edward Cullen?


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I don’t want to be unfair here. To each her own, right? What I find attractive is not necessarily attractive to another woman.

But what all these men in books have in common is the fact that they are well groomed. It’s always refreshing to read about a man who showers. And who knows that a nose hair trimmer is not only good to foam up milk for the cappuccino. (Not to talk about the fact that a nose hair is only a nose hair as long as it’s inside the nose. When it grows out, it’s a mustache).

Men should, in fact, be trimmed. It’s every woman’s personal taste to find a man with either more or less hair attractive. Let’s see. I consider armpit hair that can be plaited not particularly sexy. But hey… if it can’t be trimmed, for whatever reason, at least the guy should use conditioner. But that’s only a detail.
Having a look at a hairy chest, who can say which one of these would I consider my protagonist?


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In my case, it would be the right one – probably because that sexy hairline from the belly button down South would drive me crazy. But not the too much hairy chest, just the right amount. I wouldn’t be too happy caressing my man’s chest and finding dried ice cream from the last beach trip, croissant crumbs or Lego stones in there… Trim or waxing once in a while wouldn’t do any damage. At least some guys knew then what we women are going through to be beautiful for them.

Or what about a trim in the ‘Southern Region’? And I don’t mean the thighs or feet. I’m more talking about the – uhm – bell tower. I think to keep it carefully trimmed, and in order, isn’t asked too much, is it?

I mean, rainforest aside, it doesn’t need to look like a bare-nosed wombat. Just sexy and clean.

I mean, after all, I knew one man, Holy Smokes when he took his undies off I thought he was smuggling a beaver!




Okay. I think I have been pretty open about my imagination of sexy protagonists. But now I’m curious. I’m sure there are characters on the evil side, the bad ones. Do we always describe them as unattractive? What are the features to ‘make’ them unattractive or the antagonist? How are you doing this in your book?
Thank you for your advice.

13 thoughts on “Romance, Seduction, Taste – A Sexy Male Protagonist

  1. Antagonists? Eyes close together/cold eyes/taut. thin mouth/arrogant bearing, etc.,? Or: “Handsome but there was something amiss…he was too narsissistic; her suspicions were aroused not her body…”

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    1. Thank you for this example, Joy.
      That’s a bit what I mean… the eyes close together part for example… looking like a ferret, a mouse, or – whatever… there’s always something negative, right? I understand that. I just don’t know how I can help to not fall too deep into this cliché.


  2. you keep them all pretty! xD
    good or bad, give good descriptions of male and female, everybody likes pretty characters! but don’t make them flawless. Everybody has flaws and I think that sometimes those flaws are exactly what gives beauty to a person.
    Also, try avoid the stigma that ugly people are the bad guys and pretty people are the good guys… in fact, it is always a good idea to discover the beauty of the outcast that everybody dislikes (J K Rowling did it perfectly with Cormoran Strike) and have the bad guy as the most beautiful person in the world (Dorian Gray style).

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  3. Just read this again, Aurora…I think writers should sometimes concentrate on a guy’s personality more. The older I became (am…) although I have a handsome husband (lucky me), I have been attracted (in the most innocent way) to men with a strong personality,but not necessarily handsome. I love Walter Matthau for instance and he’s like an unmade bed! And we shouldn’t forget humour. For me, it was/is one of the most attractive characteristics of a person. One of the reasons I’ve been married so long to my other half… Hugs xx

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    1. You know, I agree with the humor. But as I said… what’s handsome to you isn’t necessarily handsome to me. 🙂 Of course, you’re right… the character is most important of all! But we’re talking about a book protagonist… isn’t it important too, that he looks great?


    1. You know… your wife must be very wise!! She’s definitely right… but I’m not sure, to be honest, it would be extremely sexy, if the male protagonist in her sexy romance book enters his home, passionately in love with the girl – and she tells him, they can make love – as soon as he made the dishes? I’m about to roll on the floor laughing. 😀


    1. Hey – she trained you well… but here the same… we’re talking about a male protagonist in a book… When it comes to me reading a sexy romance story, I rather read about them passionately kissing rather than the guy sweeping the kitchen floor. LOL


  4. Hi Aurora, Re the male protagonist having to LOOK ‘great’ – no he doesn’t! Neither does the female protagonist. Personality and good traits are equally as attractive (and more durable.) I read a book recently where the female ‘lead’ was fairly plain but had the most engaging,kooky personality and it was a good read And she got her man…) Another plus, it was original… xx

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